10 Months

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Hello Everyone!!

99d8ffb5-e81b-4a15-923c-4050a8f2ebf6This week was incredible. It amazes me how much can change in just one week. I am 100% back to feeling healthy and no longer sick. So that’s pretty wonderful. But many other good things have happened and I am grateful for this week and the difference it has made to me.

Last week I spoke of not feeling as centered and focused as I know I could be. In church testerday a man talked about how when we get of course, too not go to hard on ourselves, but to get back on and continue to do our best. He gave the example of a GPS when it needs to recalculate our map when we have taken a wrong turn. When we take a “wrong turn” in our lives God isn’t upset, but simply helps us recalculate and get back on track.

Some of the things that made a big difference to me was an exchange I went on with Sister Dual, the lessons we have had this week, and the conversations Sister Stein and I had about goal setting.

I didn’t know Sister Dual very well before our exchange, but she is amazing. One of the things that has built me up the most is knowing missionaries backgrounds prior to their mission. It is incredible how much people change just from promptings to follow God during rough times. We’ve got a lot of strong missionaries out in the world. Sister Dual and I had a lesson with a lady I had met previously from her past missionaries bringing her into the Visitors’ Center last year. I was super excited to hear that she moved into my area and to have that lesson with her and Sister Dual.

45a34654-39ff-46a5-bcf3-6ac331c5a2e3The week I was having a hard time, I hardly taught any lessons. And this week it was miraculous how many lessons we had. Not so much by the number, but just how much you are built spiritually when you are constantly sharing your testimony and helping others see how God sees them. One lesson in particular was one of the deep ones that really shape you. We had a lesson with a bunch of sweet funny ladies who all live in these apartments by each other. One had been previously taught by missionaries and the other is new to this all. They asked so many deep questions that really make you dive down into what you truly know to be true. Its lessons like these that are challenging but filled with so much love, that the Holy Ghost is crazy strong. We just left feeling shocked, and overwhelmed, but with so much love for those we were teaching and grateful for the spirit that was there.

I kept most of my goal setting thoughts to myself and sharing through email. But just the other day once I had figured out all my goals setting plans and back on my feet, Sister Stein asked me about the same things I was stressed out about the previous week. So we had one of our companionship studies all around goal setting and it was super neat! It made me feel better that after going through a challenging little time, I could help someone else. And it really helped our companionship too!

I am so grateful that we constantly get to change and recalculate our GPS over and over. I know that it is through Jesus Christ that all these things are possible and I am happy I get to be on my mission sharing this each day.

And I’m also really grateful for people in Idaho who take vacations down to Huntington Beach bring back a jar of sand to put labeled as “Huntington Beach” in their bathroom haha

Oh! And I am kinda ish not getting transferred. My area out in the Ammon West stake is getitng split in half. I will be covering five wards out in Ammon, the Visitors Center (YAY!! So glad to be back), and will continue to be a Sister Training Leader in the Ammon Zone. But best of all.. I am so excited about my companion!!! Her name is Sister Cerda Garcia and i am already really close with her. She was my Sister Training Leader when I first started my mission so I have worked with her plenty. This will be her last transfer and then she will be going back home to LA.

Sister Miller