4 More Days Till Idaho


Hello Family and Friends (:

This past week has been great. The first week and a half was rough on me, but I can gladly say I have adjusted and am doing well. After a ton of pondering and praying, I finally figured out how to balance out the crazy MTC schedule. I am having sooo much fun.

IMG_1863I will say that running into some friends from back home have really helped me while I’ve been here. I would see Elder Baldwin and Elder Hopkins from the HB stake. Elder Donahoo from my mission prep class and his friend that I was with on the plain from CA to Utah. Plus a friend a met at a dance back home who is on her way to Argentina! But, all of these friends left for their missions while I was still here for another week! Plus my wonderful elders from my district (class group) left for Long Beach and Michigan this week too!! But the day after everyone left, I ran into Elder Arnold from HB!! So fun to see him. Seeing friends from back home is the best. And I still have my lovely Sister Starling and Sister Losada!! We all leave on the 10th and 11th. But we are no longer a trio! We added in our roommate, Sister Freeman (from AZ) to our trio and now we call ourselves a quad haha.

IMG_1867So the difference from this week to the past two is that I am out of normal missionary training and into the Visitor Center Training. It is super neat. We have the same purpose (role) as a missionary, but apply it into a Visitor Center. I am now in a class with 19 other girls. Half of them are from around the world and are going to Temple Square. Its crazy fun to have a mix of nationalities together. I love learning about the other sisters and their experiences. Everyone is so unique and we get along great.

IMG_1862Coolest things about Visitor Center training: getting to practice with real visitors and working with people online. We have volunteers come for us to teach at the MTC and we go on little walks with them. There is a huge all with pictures of Christ. Our job is to take them through the hall and get to know them. We ask them questions to find out more about themselves and what we can do to help them in their lives. Now this is tricky because you really have to pray and listen to the Holy Ghost. Because if you don’t and you go with your own plan, it will not end up as successful (take my word for it haha). I had a neat experience last night where a girl came in as a volunteer and Sister Losada and I got teach her. She had just gotten back from a mission at the Visitor Center in Hawaii and is going to school. Now you’d think you wouldn’t be able to teach someone who is a post missionary, wrong. Whether they know more than you or not, you can still bless them in their life. We found out some of the things she is going through right now and I felt like I should share with her and experience of my own. Guess what it was about? Trying to figure out how to balance everything in your schedule out and prioritizing. I told her about praying to God to specifically know what thing he wants you to work on first and to go from there. I continued to share with her my experiences right before my mission when trying to prioritize as well as the beginning of my mission and how I handled all of that. God knows us each individually, and is not hiding any answers from us. All it takes is asking in prayer and seeking out his help.

Other cool thing, as a Visitor Center sister, each day we get to teach people online!! On church websites people can chat online with missionaries. It is so fun. I was so scared at first, but now I really enjoy it.

Okay so super sweet new website from the church. It explains all the basic information about the church through simple videos, messages, and even quizzes. I am so impressed by it and use it to help teach people. Check it out and share it with your friends: beta.mormon.org 🙂

Well that is is for now. I will be sending pictures as well! (:
Love you all so much
Sister Miller

P.S. We’ve been getting snowflakes!! so awesome

  1. Jan Edwards

    I love reading your blog. It’s so awesome what you’re doing and how you’re able to teach people. Especially the returned missionary sister. That was amazing. Keep up the good work. Love you lots.

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