A New View on Charity

Hey Everyone!!!

IMG_2638This week has been incredible. Its been super eventful and I am loving every minute of my mission. And of course, it was great to talk to my family yesterday!

So this week started off not too perfect and I felt like I was working hard but just not as focused as I should be. I prayed a ton for just something to uplift me and help me focus a little more. But not just one experience helped me out, but two 😀 well actually two big things, but a bunch of little things as well. All I can say is that God is aware of me, and never forgets to take care of me.

Some of the little things that have helped me out have all been really simple. I just keep trying to find new ways to lessen stress. One thing I started doing is drawing more. I used to only draw temples when I signed a journal, but now I have been doodling temples like crazy haha. I’ve been finding down time to draw like while I am eating lunch, or if I have a few minutes before I go to bed so I’m not wasting time or anything. I also have found a ton of fun things to do on my preparation days with the other missionaries. Now that its been nice out, I’ve started running around on the field throwing a football back and forth and I love it. Or when I am at the Visitor’s Center, taking a break to walk around the temple outside. Just simple things like that 🙂

IMG_2641On Tuesday, I met with my new district for the first time and it was so much fun. Its been great getting to know more people and to work with them. I loved getting to hear each of them comment through out the meeting, super uplifting! But what helped me most is that my new district leader had asked me to give a training. At first I didn’t think much of it, but when he told me the topic, I knew it was inspired. The topic was on something that I have lacked to recognize lately, so it was great to be able to rethink about what he had asked me to train on. The training I think went really well, everyone was super responsive so I think we all needed it and got something out of it.

I started off by asking everyone to think about how they gained their testimony, and the experiences they have had. And asked if it would have been possible for them to gain their testimony if they didn’t feel the Holy Ghost in that situation? The answer is no, because the gospel is not something that we just know to be true because of logic, but we know to be true because the Holy Ghost bears witness to us that it is. Just by preparing this training uplifted me more than I expected and helped me to start acknowledging more the influence of the Holy Ghost in my life.

IMG_2647A few days later, we planned to go to a local soup kitchen and volunteer with the elders in our stake and other members of the church. It was very difficult for me to see people come in who hardly had anything. I think this is a reason why God didn’t send me to a poor foreign country because I probably would be bawling my eyes out the whole time. But despite the situations of those at the kitchen, I just wanted to smile at them and be their friend. So as I served them I just kept looking into their eyes and smiling, and I have never felt so good. Especially at a time when I just needed something uplifting, this really just filled my heart completely with love. What a humbling experience. I can’t wait to go back.

IMG_2653Overall, it may have taken some time, but being in this new area I have felt way more confident than I ever have before. Like I said, it may have taken 6 months of experience, but now I feel super confident about sharing the gospel. I love contacting people and having to rely completely on the Holy Ghost to fill your mouth with words to say. This week has cracked me up at how many conversations that started of awkward, turned into super fun conversations. The secret really is to be confident and love others. The more I am myself, crack dumb jokes, be people’s friends, and relate their lives to the gospel as I rely on the Holy Ghost to help me, I have been happy and have helped others to feel happy too.

I really do love my mission so much and all the things I am learning. I know that as we try to be like Jesus Christ, and love other people, we will be turning those lame frowns upside down into smiles 😉 hahah

Lots of pictures from this week… hope you enjoy them! The trio is still a party.

Your Sister Miller