A solid 12 degrees

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Hello Everyone!!!

DSCN0761Well it is absolutely freezing in Idaho but the snow is beautiful so I guess its worth it 😉 I actually really like serving in the snow, its fun to have different experiences than what I’m used to. Plus, I will say that learning to drive in the snow has became a skill of mine, so I’m grateful I now know how to do that! The coldest its been so far while we’ve been out this week was 1 degrees! And it will be getting even colder as the month goes on 😀

DSCN0747This week we had our Zone Conference and we talked a lot about repentance. This isn’t everyone’s favorite topic, but while on my mission, it has became mine. I just love change and growth so much, because through the Savior, that’s what life is all about! We also learned more about the importance of Family History Work (Genealogy). We are really excited to teach Family History Work to our investigator, Max. He has a baptismal date for the end of this month, and he is planning to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead (preforming proxy baptisms in behalf of deceased ancestors to give them the opportunity to accept the ordinance of baptism if they haven’t already in this life) , in the beginning of January. Before he goes to the temple we are going to learn about his genealogy with him, and this will especially be exciting with his Chinese culture. He is going to be the first one we know of in his family line to be of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Most of his family isn’t even very familiar with Christianity. I know he is going to be a great example!

iceskatingDuring our Zone Conference we had a little Christmas celebration with all the other missionaries. We had all kinds of activities and music. During the meeting portion, we had a training on our vehicles from the vehicle department of the church. To my surprise, Sister Towne and I were given a shout out for having the cleanest car. When you go from driving and learning how to clean a 15 seat passenger van to a little 5 seater Subaru, it becomes quite easy haha.

IMG_3587In our area, we have been able to be introduced to and start teaching some people who are trying to come back to church. Its exciting to watch people fall away and go through some tough things who then want to make a dramatic turn around to follow God more closely. I love listening to the spiritual experiences people have and help them in this process. We met this one girl in particular named, Alicia, from our Young Single Adult ward and we are excited to get to know her. Coming back to the gospel she has this huge desire to serve others to help herself and others grow. How cool is that?

IMG_3582In the Visitors’ Center Sister Towne and I have been teaching on Mormon.org a lot. This week was really interesting. Everything negative we are exposed to can be challenging spiritually, but it has helped me to grow and become even stronger and more confident in my faith. Even when people want to bash or tell us we are wrong, or even ask probing questions to confuse us, I always go back to my own personal spiritual witness I have had that what I teach is true and invite them to have their own spiritual experience. There is always knowledge we can gain, but it is the spiritual impressions that come to us, that invite us to act from the Holy Ghost that help us gain a personal witness of truth. Feeling the Holy Ghost has been a blessing that has came easy to me in my life for whatever reason, and I am grateful for that. But not everyone has that experience easily, but they can 🙂 So this week I hope to learn more on how to help others recognize and understand the Holy Spirit when they come on to Mormon.org. I love teaching online. Last year a man named Ryan from online wanted to learn more and be baptized. I have stayed in contact with him since we met last year. He has became a strong faithful member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and just hit his year mark a few days ago!! He will be going through the temple here pretty soon!

IMG_3583Amazing things are always happening in one way or another here on a mission. I love the experiences I am having and I know they will continue to bless me throughout my life.

Enjoy the sunny California weather and I’ll keep enduring the snow 😉

Sister Miller

PS. Good news, I was accepted in to BYUI.

And here’s a link to baptisms for the dead if anyone has questions

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