Back to the Basics

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Hello, Everyone!

As usual, I have an update on Idaho weather. Yesterday and today have been beautiful. The sun is shining and I have nothing to complain about 🙂

This week was very inspiring!

IMG_1694 I had a lot on my mind as far as what I can do to finish my mission strong. Because let’s face it, there are always things we can work on. As I mentioned last week, I wanted to focus on Christ’s pure doctrine and have a heart full of charity. Great goals. Now I just needed to make plans on how to achieve them!

Some people working with the church’s HQs in Salt Lake and the Missionary Training Center came to our mission for a tour. They spent some time with our mission president but on Thursday they spent the day with some of us missionaries in a missionary leadership council meeting. I was absolutely blown away. They didn’t come to us telling us what we were doing wrong. They came to us so loving and expressed to us how grateful they are for our service and then explained how lucky we are to be serving in Idaho. They talked about the resources we have to be able to work with so many members of the church here and how we can best utilize these resources to further the work right here in eastern Idaho.

IMG_1693I felt so motivated as we discussed staying faithful to the last minute, finding the elect, working with elect members, the Idaho Falls temple open house, teaching simply/direct, and effective planning. When I first started to reflect, I wish I had applied all these new things my whole mission. And then I took a step back, and realized I have been. It was all the basic things I learned in the Missionary Training Center, from Preach My Gospel (guide to missionary service), and the First 12 Week program used for training new missionaries that I have grown from in my own missionary service. Although it was all the same things I already know, I am grateful I was able to see it in a new light just for me that I could better apply over my last few weeks. I am glad new promptings from the Holy Ghost came to mind for me to keep becoming the missionary I am still striving to be and to help the other missionaries around me. I love that the Lord can answer our questions and address our concerns.

But overall, I felt the most important things were sticking to the basics when teaching and proving to the God we know the difference between the elect (those who are ready to receive the restored gospel). Its easy to over complicate things and take more time than needed in just trying to figure things out and over explaining irrelevant details. Whereas when you just dive in by asking inspired questions, teach simply to people’s needs, and invite others to act (change) you will be much more effective. Some of the most powerful teaching moments I have had on my mission only took a few minutes rather than a lengthy appointment. Sister Smith and I tried to improve in our teaching when it came to applying these things.

IMG_1704Our plans fell through one afternoon and we felt like we should visit this one couple who doesn’t come to church anymore. Not knowing anything about them, we stopped by and it was SUCH a spiritual experience. The husband was outside and so ecstatic to see us. He told us what an amazing day it had been and us coming by was making it even better. We talked to his wife, asking her questions that were actually relevant to what God wants us to learn about her, and taught so simply to what her needs were. We invited her to come back to church and testified of how coming to church will help her gain strength in her Savior to overcome the challenges she is facing. We could all feel the Holy Spirit doing the teaching. Right after that she told us how she had just been thinking about coming to church this weekend and how us coming over really helped her. Did we know that was on this lady’s mind as we were walking past her house? Definitely not. But God knew, and he knew he wanted us to speak for him as we went to talk to her.

I truly believe that as a missionary I am doing the Lord’s work and just like my name tag says, I am representing him. It’s definitely not easy and I have failed many times but I am grateful that I have learned how to teach his gospel. There is nothing more important that making changes in our lives to become closer to him. I can’t wait to finish my mission strong and continue to share the gospel throughout the rest of my life.

Sister Miller