Big Changes

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Hey Everyone!

So I failed to mention last week that we will be having a big change coming up soon. Our mission boundaries are being split and there will be a new mission created that I will be serving in. For those who know Idaho geography, the Pocatello Mission will be split around the Shelly area. I believe that everything south of Shelly will be the Pocatello Mission, and everything North, will be the Idaho Falls Mission. What does this mean? That President and Sister Hancock will no longer be my mission presidents. I am very sad to be leaving them, as well as many missionaries. Its like leaving your parents and siblings. So many people in my mission have inspired me so much, and I will miss all those who will be leaving. BUT I am also very excited to be in the first group of missionaries for the new mission and can’t wait to meet my new mission president and his wife.

But, that’s not the only change. Last Monday I found out that at any moment I would be emergency transferred and would be receiving a new companion. I was told there was a sister in Canada coming to our mission and that she just got her Visa, and that she would be here any day.

I wasn’t sure what would change, but I was excited. The next day I got a call from President Hancock, telling me that my new companion would be in Idaho Falls in about an hour, and to meet her at the Visitors’ Center. And then he continues to tell me, that not only would I be getting a new companion, but that I would be in FULL PROSELYTING and that I would be TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY. I was pretty excited. But as I was waiting in the Visitors’ Center for her, my stomach dropped and I became SOOO nervous. My weaknesses just felt so visible to me and I was scared to death. Because, #1 I have never served outside of the Visitors’ Center full time, and #2 I have never trained. So I felt very doubtful in my abilities to train someone in something I have never done before. Also, we have something called “Train the trainers” right before each transfer, but since we are 3 weeks into this transfer, I didn’t go to that! So basically I felt lost.

All I can say, now 6 days later, is that our Heavenly Father knows us each so well. I know that he knows me, because I have needed this change so much. Each night I lay in bed just in awe and gratitude in how well everything has played out. Just all of the experiences God has given me through my mission that have led up to this point. He has been preparing me whether I knew it or not. Especially the last 3 weeks. Everything from being in my trio, to a very direct priesthood blessing, people I am meeting, all the crazy spiritually awakening experiences, training my new companion, and so much more. I can’t even explain it. Never doubt your abilities because when you are doing the Lord’s work, he will never fail to qualify you.

I absolutely LOVE training. I have had the hardest time feeling focused recently, and now by training, God has given me something that I am always focused on. I am trying so hard to be a good example to my companion. I am working extra hard and I can feel a difference. I love getting to go through the training program again, because it is reminding me on what I need to be focusing on, and a great way to practice and apply how we can be better missionaries. Although I will say, my “daughter” (when a missionary trains, we joke around that your train-ie is your baby) is a prodigy. Haha. I really lucked out. My companion’s name is Sister Hastings. We are the same age and she is from Vancouver, Canada. She is super diligent, obedient, fun, and really spiritually in tune. I love getting to serve with her. We already have bucket lists of things to do in Canada after our missions haha.

Not only has God given me these growing experiences but he has blessed me with countless tender mercies to help me know that He is there and that everything will be okay. I felt like I recognized the things He blesses me with before, but now I am acknowledging them more than I ever have. During these tough changes, God has honestly given me ALL the little things I have asked for. He knows our intents, but he also knows our simple desires and our concerns. My biggest tender mercies have been getting to be in a walking area, just over one ward. (That never happens in Idaho for full proselyting missionaries, you normally at least cover 3 wards) and the new friends I have made. So to be just over one ward, we are able to know the area so well and give our full time and attention to just this area. We are on our feet all of the time. Rain (yesterday..literally haha) or shine, we are out working hard. God knows that I have been wanting to be able to spend more time outside. And I have been so blessed to be able to get to walk through these streets, enjoying fresh air, and having so many opportunities to meet people. Its is true that great blessings come to those missionaries who walk haha. Not only that, but I have became great friends with a family in our ward who LOVE healthy food. So it has been a tender mercy to me getting to eat with them once a week and enjoy all the same food that I made for myself at home.

This week we had our Zone Training, and my take away from it was a prompting I felt when the topic of “change” was brought up. My goal is to let the Holy Spirit lead all my actions. Not just when I am in a lesson, but all of the time. Later that week, we had a great opportunity to apply it! We went home to eat, but our apartment door wouldn’t unlock. Which didn’t make sense, because just earlier that day, we got a new key from our Housing Director so that we wouldn’t have this problem. We prayed that the door would open, and it still would not. Both of us felt strongly that there must be something else we were supposed to be doing. So we paused, sat down outside our door, and prayed to know what God had in mind for us to do. We looked through our plans, and came to one name that we could go by. Sure enough, the lady we have never met was home, and invited us to come back. We went home, … and our key unlocked the door with no problem. In the words of my mother, “Is it odd or is it God?”. You can answer that one.

As I have trusted in the Lord, not given up.. even when things really get to me, recognized the simple things God has blessed me with, and relied completely on the promptings of the Holy Ghost. I have been happy. Missionary work is a world of its own, and I am grateful that I am a missionary for my church.

Sister Miller