Blessing of Living the Gospel

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Hello Everyone!

IMG_3742Transfers were this week and it has been quite the adventure. To sum up everything in a nutshell, this week has been insane! I love my companion and new area. So nothing wrong with that. But there have been lots of changes, discouraging moments, and uncontrollable factors added to my week. But despite all these moments, I have seen the Lord’s hand in my life more than I could fathom. His stretched out arm comes as we diligently live His gospel and that is something I know to be true.

Tuesday was the last day before transfers and some events took place that day that I wasn’t too excited about. The following day had been long and overwhelming. As I prayed throughout the day, the answer kept coming to my mind that everything would be okay. I came to the Visitors’ Center that night to several tender mercies. Someone had left me with a box of my favorite granola bars, unknown to the fact that I was having a hard day. We didn’t have time to tell the people who would be delivering dinner in my new area to the Visitors’ Center about me not being able to eat gluten, yet somehow we lucked out with a dinner that was gluten free. And then that evening two sweet high school girls came in seeking answers and I was able to talk with them for about an hour. As I bore my testimony of the Savior and answered their questions, many of my own thoughts from the day were calmed.

IMG_3740Now that was just one day that was tough and the tender mercies that followed. Every single day has been like this. The Lord is blessing me SO much with everything I have needed in the moments I needed guidance most.

Patience, humility, trust, and gratitude are key in trials. If I had stopped pressing forward and stopped doing what is right I would have been completely blind all week to the Lord reminding me that He loves me and is aware of me every single day.

IMG_3751I have been blessed with a companion, Sister Smith, who goes to bed early and loves to run, so now I am finally meeting my goal of going to bed on time and taking better care of my health. I have been blessed to come to a new area with SO much potential and with people ready to help. I have been blessed with a sister training leader companion, Sister Gaston, who is obedient and loving. I have been blessed with a mission president who drops anything he is doing to help one of his missionaries. And ultimately I have been blessed with my Savior, Jesus Christ, who never leaves my side and has outlined a path for all of us to follow.

So when things get tough, regardless of your control or the choices of others, remember who the Savior is, and the sacrifice He has made for ALL of us to be happy. I know that if we have faith in Him and change our will to His everyday, let the sacrifice He made through baptism cleanse us, and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit to act, we will be happy. And in the words of a recently baptized man in my new area, we “rinse and repeat,” or in other words, we endure to the end 🙂


Sister Miller

PS. Any of you remember Elder Warner from the Pleasant View Ward in the Huntington Beach stake a few years ago? He trained Elder Tingey. Well he is one of the ward missionaries in my new ward! Him and his wife give us rides everywhere. It took us a little while to figure out how we knew each other, but he had came over for dinner to the Miller home back when he was a missionary. Small world!

My District from last transfer… weird as usual
Super thick snow.. just after 2 hrs
Tshirts made from one of our favorite families in my last area about an inside joke we had with them