Charity is the Pure Love of Christ

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Hello, Everyone!

Idaho is like really windy right now. Still cold, lots of wind, and my winter clothes are still being used 🙂

I am really grateful for serving in this area at this time in Idaho Falls. A lot has changed just over these past few weeks that I have been here. Last week I mentioned how we have been working a lot with members of the church in missionary work more than normal. Because we don’t have a car, they drive with us and help us in all aspects of missionary work. I can’t even explain how much it has blessed us this week. It feels like we have had someone with us almost every minute we are not serving in the Visitors’ Center. It is truly bringing us success! It has brought the missionaries and members closer together here.

This week we met two new investigators. Their names are Kara and Devon. They came with us to the Visitors’ Center and we talked all about Christ with them. The very next day, Kara came to the church and we were able to give her a tour! We are excited for her and her family.

There are a lot of people in this area who talked to missionaries years ago but haven’t had any contact with them recently. We met a lot of these people and it went well! Before knocking on doors of people I didn’t know really scared me, but now I am really enjoying it and its been really fun just meeting and helping new people. Its a blessing to really feel the Lord actually putting words into your mouth for what to say.

This week when reviewing with my companion, Sister Smith, about our week, we talked about all our goals. It was crazy, I think this was the first time my companion’s goals have been exactly the same as mine. We are working really hard together to help those around us. She is in the beginning of her mission, and I am in the end of mine, yet both of us want to focus more on working hard in teaching Christ’s doctrine. A lot of the time we aren’t as purposeful or direct as we could be. I truly want to help people, and in order to do so, it requires doing things the way the Lord would have them done- simple and by the Holy Ghost. In addition to doing this, I we are working on developing more charity (Moroni 7:46-47).

I love getting to be a missionary and just talk about my Savior all the time, even in casual conversation. I had a lot of special experiences talking with and teaching people in the Visitors’ Center. I love serving here.

Love you all!

Sister Miller