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IMG_0031 Idaho is getting colder.. and I am getting happier! Haha not because of the cold, but because I love my mission.

This week has been quite eventful! I love being here for the holidays. I get to celebrate Christmas to the fullest everyday. At out home we have some fun Christmas decorations that I will include pictures of. We got to decorate a little tree of our own, and do service by decorating other peoples trees 🙂 But most importantly, I get to share the message of our Savior Jesus Christ. At the Visitor Center we get to show the LDS Church’s two new videos. And when I am out proselyting and going to lessons, we also focus so much on Jesus Christ and his atonement. We share the new videos in homes all the time too, and invite people on their doorsteps to watch the videos as well. Sharing of Jesus Christ has been amazing way to speak to people. Their hearts are softened as it is the time of Christmas. I have also loved our little concerts we have each night at the VC (Visitor Center). Each evening, someone will share Christmas music. My favorite was when a BYU Idaho choir came. Not only did I get to run into my friend RJ from back home, who was in the choir, but we were all able to hear and appreciate these students sharing their testimony of Jesus Christ through music.

DSC03134We also had our Zone Conference this week! Zone conference is a conference given by our presidents and their assistants for the missionaries. My conference included of all the missionaries north of Idaho Falls in my mission boundaries. It was awesome! The messages were very uplifting. My favorite thing was listening to one of the assistants talk about courage. And following this wonderful conference… we had a talent show. Which was one of a kind… haha. It was hilarious and a ton of fun. As I mentioned last week, I sang with some other missionaries a song my companion and I wrote with another companionship. Its to the tune of “All I want for Christmas is You”. And I will for warn you, if you are not familiar with the LDS Church it may not make 100% sense haha. But basically as a missionary my role is to invite others to come unto Christ by following his example. So one of the things I do to help them do this, is to follow his example by being baptized, so that is what the lyrics are based off of haha.

DSC03135Its pretty.. unique haha. Here are the lyrics:

All We Want for Christmas are Baptisms


We don’t want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing we need

We don’t care about the mail, delivered by the APs (Assistants to the Pres)
We don’t need to open presents, that the members pass our way
Family won’t make us happy with a call on Christmas day
We just want to do our purpose, invite others unto Christ
The gospel is true, baby all we want for Christmas, are baptisms
Baptisms Baby
Jesus’ light is shining, so brightly everywhere
and the sound of font water brings him cheer
We hear those angles singing, we hear those door bells ringing
Members won’t you please bring me what I really need, won’t you please bring referrals to me
All we want for Christmas are baptisms
Baptisms Baby
IMG_1992One other fun thing from this week is I went on exchanges. It was awesome!! This is when I trade companions for the day with one of the Sister Training Leaders.

It was such a good experience. I was with Sister James, who reminds me SOOO much of my Sister Elizabeth (Funny side story. I was telling her how much she reminded me of her and showed her a picture of Elizabeth. She says “Oh, I had a class with her at byui” How random is that?). Anyways, it was great because I got to apply everything Sister Bradshaw has taught me, which was a lot more than I thought! It was really good for me to be able to see where I am at, and how I can improve.

IMG_0057Lastly, just just a few days ago Sister Bradshaw and I got some news about some changes being made soon. I’d say exactly what they are but I have to wait till its official 🙂 Anyways, we are both really excited but Sister Bradshaw was having a little bit of a hard time with it. After church yesterday she received a Priesthood blessing. The priesthood is God’s authority on the earth to act in his name. So a blessing, which is a prayer given to someone is given by someone who has this priesthood authority. The blessing was so beautiful. I already thought very highly of Sister Bradshaw, but being able to hear exactly what God wanted her to hear in that moment was so eye opening. All I can say is she is one special daughter of God and I feel extremely lucky that she is my trainer and that I will be given another opportunity to continue working with her.

IMG_1995God knows us all individually and I have came to know that more everyday, and how real Jesus Christ’s atonement is. I have became so thankful for all of the experiences I have grown up with. Although things have not always seemed ideal, they have made me know how to have my life ideal now just for me and how to help other people be happy too. I am so thankful to be here and for all I am becoming.

Love, Sister Miller 🙂

PS for all of those who have told me good food doesn’t exist in Idaho, they are wrong. Forget the commercial restaurants and go to the whole in the wall authentic food places! You may find yourself at a Venezuelan restaurant eating empanadas 😉

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