Greenie Fire in Action

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Hey Everyone!!!

IMG_3328  We spent most of the day at a potato farm so I don’t have much time to write, but I just wanted to share some experiences I had this week.

Last week I talked a lot about this “greenie fire” from new missionaries and how I am in the process of getting this “greenie fire” back, but stronger than it was from when I started my mission. So this email is about how I have put all my plans into action.

We had a training with our zone this week and I was really excited because I got to plan with the other leaders on what we wanted to share and discuss together. Since this is a newly created mission, one of the other sisters and I gave a training on building a new strong foundation for our mission and the types of things we need in this foundation. We talked about how we keep our “greenie fire” and then led a discussion in creating a mission vision. I loved getting to hear what everyone said. Our mission president and his wife were there too and they had excellent input. But it wasn’t just us, the whole mission were making plans that day on how we can accomplish these things in our mission and be united in our purpose to invite others unto Christ.

IMG_3323After preparing our training and learning from everyone else I just felt so on fire to share the gospel. It was so cool. Like I always am excited about it, but I am even more excited. After the Zone Training Meeting my companion, Sister Montero, and I set a bunch of goals on how we were going to better apply what we learned. And WOW did this week become an amazing one.

We started practicing more and being more bold. Now being bold… that can be tricky for me haha. But I’ve realized what it means to me to be one of God’s missionaries and since this is about him and not me, I am starting to leave behind my own concerns more and follow the promptings from the Holy Ghost.. and guess what? Well like the Lord says to Joseph Smith “Look unto me in every thought, doubt not fear not” (Doctrine and Covenants 6:36) the same advice applies to us. This is His work and it is done His way. I know that if I am the missionary he wants me to be, and invite everyone, he will make it work out. I have changed my perspective and have been more willing to go out of my comfort zone and I am seeing miracles. We had two lessons this week which were some of the most incredible lessons I have been in. All because we didn’t fear, but because we were prepared and willing to invite. One of these lessons was with our investigator, Tyler, who is 17. His mom is LDS but hasn’t been in a while and they both feel like this is something that will bless them. The other was with this lady names Donna. She is 79 and has so much faith. Never be afraid to be bold if it is a prompting from the Holy Ghost!

IMG_3328Lastly I just wanted to share one more experience. We planned a girls youth activity night where we talked to about 25 girls from 12-18 years old. We told our stories and then answered their questions. While answering their questions and sharing stories on and prior to my mission it made me so grateful to see where I have been at during different parts of my life and where I am at know. We shared with them how everyone can change, grow, and become happy as they follow Jesus Christ. All I wanted in my heart was for those girls to know there worthy and to be even happier. They were just incredible! At the end, the bishop of the ward talked about what it means to be set apart. Being set apart is a blessing from God through a priesthood holder for you as you leave behind everything to be a missionary. I haven’t thought about this experience I had for a long time. I felt the Spirit so strong in remembering what it felt like to suddenly have this huge responsibility to do God’s work.His work is not easy but I have never felt alone in my mission. He is always there to help you fulfill his work, and I am so excited that I get to do so.

Sister Miller

PS there will be a lot of potato farm pictures.. (: