Happy Halloween!

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Hello Everyone!!

IMG_3430I wanted to say thank you for all the uplifting emails I receive. I always love to hear how everyone is doing.

This week was wonderful! We had a District (missionaries who serve near me) meeting on Tuesday and we were all challenged to work on a Christlike attribute. I ended up choosing “hope” and in result to improve on this, I have been so happy this week. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened, I have just had a great attitude this week, and I am grateful for that.

We had a lot of really great meetings this week. I absolutely just love meeting, counseling, setting goals, and making plans. So its been a lot of fun to work with the other local church leaders. In addition to these brief meetings, we had our monthly Mission Leadership Council Meetings which are always my favorite! I love hearing everyone talk about how things are going and making plans on how we can all improve and help bring others closer to Christ. Recently we’ve all been counseling on how in our mission we can have higher love and higher expectations. I love this principle because it applies to missionary work as well as just about any other situation like in a family or job.

IMG_3420I went on exchanges with Sister Huckbay this week! She is awesome. This was my second time going with her and we had a lot of fun. She is such a hard working missionary and I love her example of confidence when she talks to new people and always doing her best. It just so happened to be the day before her birthday. She told me that every Saturday night the week of her birthday her family goes out for Mexican food. We got in contact with the family who was feeding us that night to confirm dinner and they asked if we could go out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, and it just so happens to be Sister Huckbay’s favorite one in town. Pretty awesome how that happened! 🙂

IMG_3416Funny story with Sister Montero’s English. One thing we she has a hard time with is her th’s. So words like theater are difficult to say, but are always understood. Yesterday at the Visitors’ Center we were with a family and we asked the 3 year old boy what his name was. He said “I’m Ethan”. Sister Montero responds saying, “Hi Etan!” And he goes, “No, not Etan. E-TH-an.” They went back in forth until she said it right. Both us and the family could not stop laughing with this little boy’s seriousness and determination for Sister Montero to say his name right. So then we joked about how this 3 year old needs to be her new English teacher.

We taught a few people this week and it went really well. The spirit has been really strong in our lessons as Sister Montero and I have had a stronger desire to help people come unto Christ. We have a church tour scheduled with one of our investigators for next week so we are really hoping this following Sunday that we can all attend church together 🙂

IMG_3436Again, this week has been wonderful. I am grateful for all the many blessings that I’ve had this week. My companion is awesome! She makes me laugh everyday. And I am most grateful this week for all I have been learning in my studies from the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon prophets and servants talk a whole lot about repentance, and I am glad they do because as we are constantly seeking change, we come to know our Savior, Jesus Christ, even more.

Sister Miller

PS My first companion from my mission, Sister Bradshaw, is home now but came back to visit and she was proposed to and we all got to witness it! Pretty great! hahha And during all of this, another elder who is also now home that we all served together with, just so happens to visit the mission the same day and walked in right after the proposal. So it was like a great little 15 min reunion