Happy New Year!!

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Hello Everyone!!! Happy 2017!!!

IMG_3676The holidays here in Idaho were wonderful. The only difference between here and California is that when we take down decorations, it still looks like Christmas here.

Idaho is great. Its really cold and supposed to get colder, but I am enjoying it. We didn’t get our car stuck in the snow this week, but we almost got our grocery cart stuck in the snow in the parking lot this morning haha.

Sister Towne and I are having so much fun! Through our lessons this week we have made a huge effort to plan and evaluate before and after each interaction we have with others. Something Sister Towne and I have in common is that we both always want to do our best. And when we don’t do our best, it drives us crazy and immediately we want to change and do better. When making more effort to plan and evaluate our lessons, we decided we wanted to ask more inspired questions to help us know more where people are at and how God can help them. We saw this principle bless us immensely in our lessons with Max and Alicia.

Our investigator Max will be baptized this Saturday. We met with him a ton this past week, which was great! Anyone who meets Max understands what we mean when we say he is perfect. He has prayed about and studied out everything we have taught him. He gets his answers so quickly and he always lives the commandments we teach so easily. So even though he seems perfect, the gospel is all about change. And if we don’t ever repent and change, we will never be converted. So in one of our lessons, we felt a strong impression to ask him what he feels he specifically wants to work on before he is baptized, and we were able to learn more about where he is at and what he wants to become. Since that day, we have been able to teach more specifically to his needs and it has been wonderful!! We can’t wait for Saturday 😀

DSCN0861Alicia, as I have mentioned before, is an amazing girl who is trying to come back to church that we meet with. Similarly to Max, in a lesson we felt prompted to ask her something about further explaining what she was feeling. By asking her this she told us something that was a huge rode block for her which ended up being a misconception. Once we were able to explain to her the misconception, you could see the worry leave her and her face light up.

I love that the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about change. I absolutely love repentance, teaching repentance, and learning about repentance. Last week with church being canceled and not getting to go, I missed the opportunity to take the sacrament, which is a time when we can quietly pray to the Lord and ask for forgiveness and help as we take the bread and water. This is symbolic of His sacrifice for us and the literal cleansing of our sins.

Even when we don’t have big sins on our plate, it is important that we always still repent and seek change during this time. It felt like the longest 13 days without going to church and taking the sacrament!! But this experience really made me think about how blessed we are that we can always change and grown.

In church on Sunday a lady who was speaking to us said, “Hell is when who you became meets who you could have become.” My new years resolutions are based around just that. Especially in the spectrum of just my mission, I want to became all I could have become during this time. And I know that this is only possible through our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year.


Sister Miller

Max in front of the Idaho Falls temple!
Matching Christmas sweaters!