I am a Child of God

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Hello Family and Friends!

DSCN3544The weather is warming up! And then it changes its mind and it gets cold again. But overall most the snow has melted, and the snow that continues to come, melts soon after. What does that mean for me? I’ve switched to my lighter coat and hope legging/tights season is over. Today its cloudy and raining lightly, but we had a lot of sun last week and I am hoping for more sun! 🙂

DSCN3551Well its kinda weird but super fun coming back to the same area I served in last Spring. Most of the teaching pool has changed since I was there 10 months ago, but its neat to try to help those I already know and love those who I am meeting. What amazes me is how much an area really does change. There were people 10 months ago who were not interested, that have had a change in heart and are now learning the gospel. How cool is that? And there are some people who were being taught by missionaries while Sister Hastings and I were there, that aren’t anymore, but who are now starting to be more open again. I am definitely learning that God works in His timing.

IMG_3776Although I will say it is hard being new to an area because so much has changed. We are trying our best to work through the members like I did in my last area, the Ammon West Stake. Some are super solid and ready to help, and others not as much. It made me start to miss my last area, but then I remembered that Sister Smith and I were sent to this area for a reason. I saw the Ammon West Stake change so much in missionary efforts of a course of several months. Even though I will only be here for 6 more weeks, I have faith that this stake will grow too! We went through our whole teaching pool with our leaders, trying to find fellowshippers (friends from church) for everyone we are teaching. I know this will make a huge impact. I am excited.

IMG_3779This week we were teaching a family who are recently coming back to church, and some of which were recently baptized. They have a huge family of 10 people and live in very humble circumstances. We went to the church to have a lesson and the lesson kept losing focus because of how many people and distractions. We had just lost focus and were praying for the Holy Spirit to come back strongly again. Just a few moments later, my companion stopped and pointed out to me that one of the little boys was sitting to himself quietly singing the primary church song, “I am a Child of God.” This brought the Spirit back so strong and everyone else joined in singing along. It was such a sweet little moment.

I know that we are all children of God, whether we recognize it or not. I am so grateful to be a missionary and teach this eternal truth to others.

Sister Miller

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“My Plan” is a 6 week course for missionaries in their last 6 weeks of their missions of reflection and goal setting to better transition back into home life. I makes me sad but it also helps me reflect a lot on what I have learned and the person I want to continue to become.
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