Idaho Pocatello Mission

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IMG_2847So this is officially my last week in the Idaho Pocatello Mission. Next week I will be in the new Idaho Falls Mission. Change is exciting, but I will miss having President and Sister Hancock as my mission presidents. We all had a great time at a “Goodbye” conference, and are looking forward to playing softball with our president this afternoon. President and Sister Hancock will be missed, but I am grateful for the time I have been able to serve with them and for all I have learned from them!

As for Idaho summers, they aren’t too bad! The weather is really warm, and no humidity, so its pretty great 🙂 And LOTS OF SUN.. for now at least haha.

IMG_2843So I have been blessed to have great friendships with each one of my companions, and I am especially loving being with Sister Coutinho right now. She is hilarious. What I really like about our companionship is that we are united in our decisions. As missionaries, its easy not to talk to your companion and work things out. But with Sister Coutinho, we are super open with each other and have all the same goals in missionary work. And on top of that, we have so much fun! We’re both the type of people that when we think something is funny, we can’t stop laughing. And we laugh a lot.. so its pretty hilarious. But what I think is great is that we do a really good job at balancing out having fun and being ourselves with being obedient missionaries and in tune with the spirit. I love all the friendships that come from being a missionary.

IMG_2850Yesterday in church, in a talk given, a man was talking about how what we think about when we have nothing to think about plays a role in the kind of person we are. I put a lot of thought into this because I have noticed that as a missionary, it is super easy to stay focused when you are really busy. But when you aren’t as busy, and have to push forward and do your best, it can be easy to get discouraged and not be focused. This week was one of those that started to slow down, but then would pick back up, and then slow down again. It made me realize that no matter whether our days are super busy and easy to focus, its smart to make the habit to always be focusing my thoughts on missionary work. I personally believe that when you spend the time that you have nothing to think about, focused on your goals and the work you are doing, you will find success.

IMG_2862I have loved being able to be back in the area I previously served in. At first I felt like I would come back and think I know everything, but I am glad I have came back with a very different experience. I may already have a good foundation here in this area, but there is always more to do, and more to learn!

We’ve been focusing a lot on using the Visitors’ Center as a tool in our missionary work. This week we have used it for teaching our investigators, bringing people from our wards who haven’t been to church in a long time, and giving tours to people in the ward who we have been able to get to know better!

With all the changes and goals we have made at the Visitors’ Center it has been easy to feel inadequate, but Sister Coutinho and I keep setting goals everyday and are glad with the success that comes with it. Success isn’t focused on numbers, but on your personal dedication to help other people grow 🙂


Sister Miller