I’m Grateful For Mac and Cheese

My Family and Friends!
Its is so cold haha 🙂
IMG_1956And I love it! Kinda.. haha. Not really! Well I love the snow, its so pretty. Especially for the Holidays. But I really don’t like the wind. Its so weird. Like 30 degrees with wind is way worst that 15 degrees and no wind. The coldest I’ve been outside for is between 10-20 degrees. Crazy huh?
IMG_1959Thanksgiving was super fun! We had a service project in the morning for around 3 hours. Idaho Falls has a run they do each year that they call the “Turkey Trot”. So as missionaries, we handed out tshirts to all the runners and cheered them on. This was a unique service project, especially for being in the cold! I bundled up like CRAZY. And I hate layers, but I bundled up anyways. And believe it or not but I was still freezing. Without exaggerating, I can honestly say I have never been so cold in my life. And I can say that because I’ve never been in Idaho before. ..with low degrees, wind, and sprinkling snow for three hours. Haha but it was fun. And I got to look like a marshmellow, so please look at my picture and laugh for me 🙂 because when I looked at my picture, I thought it was pretty funny.
IMG_1961We had two dinners on Thanksgiving, so we just ate a bit at each. But guess what?! So I though I wouldn’t be able to eat any pumpkin pie, but! the mom of one of the houses had baked homemade pumpkin pie for her and her daughter.. because they are gluten free! So I got to eat gluten free pumpkin pie and I was so stoked. She had no idea I didn’t eat gluten, so it made her happy that I could share the pie with her and her daughter.
Oh and my subject title does not come from my own gratitude for Mac and Cheese. I’m not the biggest fan. Its a line from a Thanksgiving video we showed in the Visitor Center. Its my favorite line said because it reminds me of my brother David.
IMG_1963So, I don’t think I have talked about the “TiWi”. Maybe I have, but either way, I have a new story. Tiwi is this little electronic box that is on the front dashboard of our car. It is a driving monitor that reports to our mission president and HQ in Salt Lake City how we drive. Now this is a new thing, so the mission department is testing having TiWis in the Idaho Pocatello mission. TiWi is pretty entertaining because in its little electronic voice, it gives you speed and other driving warnings. As many of you know, I can drive like a grandma. And by that, I mean I drive on the slower side (like the speed limit or 5 below) haha. So TiWi never says anything to me. You can have up to like 3 speed warnings before it reports you. Its a huge incentive to drive safely, especially in the snow. The other day I was driving on this little like 10 second strip of highway. And during these 10 seconds the speed limit is about 10 mph higher. But at the end there is a light signal. It was green, but quickly changed right as I was approaching it. So knowing that I was not going to make the light, I slowed down. Lesson learned, don’t slam the brakes, because out of the blue you will hear TiWi loudly state “AGGRESSIVE DRIVING”. Haha and those I don’t think have warnings. SO now that’s on my record. Good times 🙂
IMG_1962As I shared in my last email, I was having a rough time when I got to Idaho, and especially on Monday. Monday was really hard. All I can say is thank you so much for the prayers and support, because literally the next day was the complete opposite. I was upset about a trial that had just happened back home on my mom’s side of the family. I was not so worried about the trial itself but more so how it would effect the rest of my family. So from tears one day to waking up the next feeling a huge burden lifted off my shoulders and no concerns since then, I was shocked. Bottom line, the Atonement of Jesus Christ is real. Not only did I feel better, but the experience I had finding out about this trial became quite useful with the lessons I taught that week. One of the people I was teaching, had recently gone through a similar experience and by me being able to share my experience, it helped him a lot. Not only does Heavenly Father know and love me, but he knows and loves each one of His children. The gospel is amazing. I am so happy on my mission. I love it. My perspective has completely changed and I am grateful for all the experiences I have had in my life, that have made me connect with those I teach.
IMG_1966In Ether 12:6, the prophet Moroni says “Faith is things which are hoped for and not seen; wherefore, dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith”. I know I am specifically in Idaho because this is where God needs me at this time and even though I may not feel like the best missionary from day one, I know I can become all God wants me to as I continue to have faith in Him. There is nothing wrong with “enjoying being a beginner when you are new at something” 🙂
I am so thankful for all I am learning, and to be able to work in the Visitors Center. These are the two new videos the LDS Church put out yesterday for Christmas. Make sure to watch them and share them with their friends! <3
They are both on the front page of the website: https://www.mormon.org/christmas
I recommend watching “A World Without a Savior” first.
One more thing.. We have a Christmas themed talent show this Thursday at our Zone Conference. And despite that I am not musically talented, I wanted to have fun and participate. So, I decided that my district (missionaries I work with in west Idaho Falls) should sing a spoof on “All I Want for Christmas”. So Sister Bradshaw, Sister Park, Sister, Bueno and I all got together and wrote the lyrics. I’ll make sure my parents post them somewhere. 🙂
Sister Miller <3

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