Its His Work, and It’s Done His Way

Hello Family and Friends 🙂

IMG_1923From the not so far away land that doesn’t have gardeners (cultural shock of the week)…

I never would have thought that my first week here would have been so eventful. I am really coming to love the people here faster than I expected. I am so grateful to be here.

I bought two warm coats and am very thankful for them haha. During most days I’m fine, but when the sun goes down… it gets cold! So its nice to have those coats 🙂

This week we taught some people who have not been to church in a long time, and in both situations, Sister Bradshaw and I truly saw some changes in heart. Even though I have only been here a few days, I love getting to see light reappear in people’s eyes. Its a special experience. One of the lady’s daughters came home early from her mission and things have kinda been crazy for her, so Sis Bradshaw and I made a big welcome home poster for her daughter that her and her husband took to the airport when they picked their daughter up. It was a ton of fun and after that we grew even closer with their family. Its amazing how little acts of service and love draw people closer together.

IMG_1929We also had a baptism! Before I got here, the sisters had been teaching this sweet 9 yr old who wanted to be baptized. His family doesn’t go to church much anymore, but are still very supportive and loving towards him and his decision. And his grandparents are extremely supportive, which has had a great impact on him 🙂

One fun thing, being in Idaho I’ve realized that it is not a surprise to run into people I know haha. Two boys who served their missions in HB came to the Visitor Center with a group from school at BYU Idaho. So one of my pictures is with them! It was kinda funny because we recognized each other but I didn’t at first! even though they did haha… until one of them asked me where I was from and then I figured it out.

IMG_1917Two unique things happened this week! I was able to go to a special conference training in which people from Church HQs came over to Idaho to do training in our mission. It was so inspirational! And it was cool because only about half the mission got to go. It was really intense but we all learned so much. A lot of the time as missionaries we over complicate things when we try to teach. Overall, we learned how to teach simply and help other feel the Holy Ghost when we teach. Its easy to want to do things our own way, and we easily can. But I have learned that you are most successful when you are still yourself, but do things the Lord’s way 🙂

IMG_1937Second unique thing, this weekend was the Idaho Falls West Stake’s stake conference (all the members in that area meet together for a big church meeting with talks given specifically for them all together). We had a member of the 70 (a church authority) who came to speak to us. Just so happens… He was a mission president in Long Beach!!! we could be friends 😉 I talked to him after and he knows President Rick Johnson and Brad Ward, who are two of my favorite people, so it made me feel at home 🙂

It has been fun to have little pieces of California in Idaho. I’ve gotten to know people from San Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, and people who know my people back home hahha. Its pretty awesome.

I have had so many amazing experiences this week, but I will be completely honest. It has been a HUGE emotional roller coaster for me.

IMG_1940We’ve been trying to teach some people who are not members of our church and that hasn’t been super easy, but I have learned most from these situations. I’ve adjusted to Idaho just fine, I like it here. But what has been hard for me, has been adjusting internally. Back home things were going well for me. I was super happy, comfortable, confident, outgoing, ect. and here I have not felt like myself yet. I would get super upset because I wasn’t feeling like myself, and I’d get nervous (which never happens when it comes to the gospel of Jesus Christ). I know all the information I need to, and believe it all, but for some reason I have been getting nervous and not speaking up when I should/normally would. Now this isn’t always true, but it happens only when I talk with others who aren’t of my faith. Before my mission, I knew I wanted to go on one, so I spent a lot of time preparing myself.

IMG_1953I wanted so badly to go out 100% ready and be the perfect missionary from day one in the field. So when that didn’t happen…I could be a little hard on myself. But I’ve been praying sincerely everyday to know how I can be better. What I’ve came to understand is that being on a mission is something completely new for me. I’ve never done this before so I shouldn’t be going so hard on myself. And although all I wanted was to not waste one moment of my time/God’s time on my mission and be the perfect missionary for the whole 18 months, it takes time to learn, adjust, and grow. So I decided that I was going to take it just one step at a time and figure out one thing at a time that I can work on and learn from to be better, and then move on to the next thing.

After lots of prayer, I looked at my email to find a message from my sister Avalon. Unknowing how I am doing, she sent me exactly what I needed to hear. I then found out some rough news that I wasn’t expecting to hear from my other sister. That was something that really began to take a tole on me. Once I got myself together, I remembered that Heavenly Father loves and protects his missionaries and that he takes care of their families while they are gone.

Your Sister Miller

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