Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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Hi Everyone!!

IMG_3515  Idaho is getting COLD again!!! It went 12 days with no sun. Thanks to vitamin D pills I stayed alive haha. No, but really, it was sad not seeing the sun. Today we walked outside and it was sunny and snowy all on the ground and I couldn’t have been more excited. The cold isn’t too bad though, it was just time to whip out the heavy winter coats and fleece leggings!

hillamsI love being companions with Sister Towne!! She is such a wonderful missionary. We get along SUPER well which is always a bonus when you are serving with someone 24/7 😉 She also has a big family and loves the sun, coming from Arizona. She is really smart, witty, and always herself. It makes her so much fun to be around. One thing I love about being companions is definitely that we have unity. With both our personalities and excitement for missionary work makes all of our conversations with others fun. I think at almost all the dinner appointments we’ve gone to with the families around here, we’ve ended up laughing and having fun the whole time. We can both be pretty happy and bubbly people, and serving together brings out the best in both of us and I love it.

Like I’ve been talking about recently, contacting people (knocking on their door) can still be nerve wrecking sometimes! But we are making it so much fun. People here are so nice to us. I am so grateful for all the referrals we are receiving for people and we are just on our knees praying that one of these new families is ready to hear the Restored Gospel and come to church with us.

rileysWe ate dinner yesterday with that family I talked about last week with the dad who ran outside to invite us back in. It was so much fun! Their interest level still isn’t high, but they were so kind and we had a great time. They said they want to have us for dinner monthly as long as we are in the are and said we are welcome anytime. No matter who we talk to, missionary work can be little or big steps. It may still be slow, but I am just thankful for the new people we get to talk to about Christ whether they are interested or not, and helping them to become happier.

We had an amazing conference yesterday with the church members in our stake (local area we are over for missionary work). The Stake President talked about having our prayers to God being led by the Spirit. Recently I have been trying really hard to have all I do and say be led by the Spirit and I have felt more closer to my Savior. Because it really is like the coolest feeling to be teaching someone and feel the words come out of your mouth not be from yourself, and watch them react to feeling the Holy Ghost and God’s love for them. As I’ve started to apply this to my prayers, I am learning a lot! We also had a church leader from the Quorum of the 70 talk to everyone about missionary work. It was incredible and the spirit of missionary work was strong!

sistersmeetingI am so happy to be here on my mission and be serving with Sister Towne in the Ammon West Stake.I have never met such loving people. I really want to be better at helping the people here with Sister Towne. I studied a lot from Preach My Gospel this week in chapter 9 where it talks about Finding People to teach. Every time I study I just think about how important the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Right now my focus is always implementing it into conversation because that is one of the times the Holy Spirit reaches people the most. I hope this goes well, I know it will! Learning is a process.. but its a good process 😀

Sister Miller

at dinners
sisters meeting
mural in our basement haha. The lady we live with drew this!! It reminds me of Norman Rockwell 🙂