Loving the Visitors’ Center

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Hello Everyone!!

DSCN0674What an amazing week this was!!! It has been a huge change with transfers. Even though I still have 5 of the same wards out of 9 it has been such a difference- and I love it! But most of all I am more happy than ever just to be back serving in the Visitors’ Center. It was funny because while I was serving full time out proselyting, I didn’t think about it. But the second I was back, I felt so grateful and have been feeling the Holy Ghost so strong each day.

My companion, Sister Cerda Garcia is incredible. I am so excited to be serving with her and I know that we are supposed to be companions at this time. Its weird because she is Spanish speaking called and is going home at the end of the transfers, but for some reason she is with me in English! I know that I definitely need her at this time, I am learning so much from her. And so do all the people in our area! We teach super well together and are finding much success as companions. From her I am learning how important it is to love those around you. And that all of the love we have for others comes from the Savior, Jesus Christ, who was the ultimate example of love. I really like that when she teaches, she always relates it back to Him. Not to herself, but Him. I am amazed at how much when you focus your teachings on Jesus and bear testimony of him, how strong it is. The less we make it about us (not meaning you shouldn’t share experiences, because those are important!) and the more we make it about Christ’s love for others, people feel of His love for them.

IMG_3087The biggest lesson I am learning right now is the importance of being spiritually prepared. Spending time in the Visitors’ Center has made me think about this a lot. Its hard to get our studies in when we have to be at the Visitors’ Center in the mornings because once you are there, you are always on your feet when you’re needed, or trying to study the resources there for when people come in. But I have been trying my best to balance out a little bit of both, studying from the scriptures and applying it to the principles used in the Visitors’ Center.

You know how Meet the Mormons came out not too long ago? At all the Visitors’ Centers we are showing new Meet the Mormon segments of 3 other stories. .. and they are amazing! One in particular is called the “Entertainers”. Its about a Japanese family who are performers and one of the family members leaves the group to go on a mission. I shared this with a girl who came in named Sophia. She has been living in New Jersey for the past 3 years and is seeking for more religiously. She loved the video and shared with me that she wants to learn more! So I will be teaching her online and then get her in touch with the missionaries. It was super special for me to see her so excited to watch her feel the spirit and recognize it.

DSCN0672All these different videos, experiences out teaching, and working with the church members have impacted me a bunch this week. I have felt the spirit so much and have put a lot of thought into trying to represent Jesus Christ (just like my name tag says) to the best of my ability and to always be spiritually prepared. I have been asking myself if at any given moment would I be spiritually ready to share my testimony of Jesus Christ as needed. Of course I am always willing, and know it for myself, but would I be in tune with the spirit enough to do whatever God asks in that moment? Its something to think about and always something to work on.

I love my mission. I love the challenges I have that bring me to forgetting myself and going to work. I love all the things I share in the Visitors’ Center that bring me back to my family and all I have learned. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, I am enjoying studying from the Book of Mormon daily, I am grateful for the examples of my companion and my mission president, and I am excited to be inviting others unto Christ each day.

Sister Miller 🙂