Miracles of Acting on Promptings

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Good morning everyone!

This week has been very eventful and incredible. I can’t even comprehend everything that has happened. So I hope to explain everything at least somewhat efficiently 🙂

First off, I am beyond happy with my mission. We even got to hear from Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 apostles, and Elder Wilford Anderson of the 70 and meet them both.

“More happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children” -Preach My Gospel

Well that quote sums things up for me pretty well. When I first found out I would be transferred back to the area I previously served in for most of my mission, I was somewhat confused. I wasn’t apprehensive, because I LOVED serving in the Idaho Falls stake, I was just very curious on the “why” of things.

Just after 5 days, I can say that I know I am supposed to be companions with Sister Coutinho, I know I am supposed to be serving in the Idaho Falls stake, and I KNOW this was inspired.

Sister Coutinho is a great missionary! She is from Brasilia, Brazil and is so humble. She joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints when she was 16, went to college at BYU, and is now on her mission. She served in Sao Paulo, Brazil while she waited for her visa, and now this is her second transfer in Idaho. It is an amazing opportunity to be companions and Sister Training Leaders with her. Plus I’m picking up on some Portuguese 😉

This week I’ve learned that when you and your companion have the same goals, do everything you can to feel the Holy Ghost in your life together, and are diligent unitedly, God will constantly bless you with promptings from the Holy Ghost to follow. I haven’t always been the best at listening to these promptings on my mission. But since an experience I had not to long ago when I didn’t listen, I have wanted to do everything I can to act rather than fear or ignore.

Throughout my mission I had felt somewhat empty. I was doing all I could and loving my mission, but I was upset because I wasn’t feeling the Holy Ghost as much as I did while at home. And the Holy Ghost is the biggest tool in missionary work because it is what leads your teachings and testifies to others that your message is true. While with Sister Hastings I learned that I needed to rely on the Atonement of Jesus Christ more, and apply it. As i studied this day in and day out, I noticed a difference in my missionary service. I felt the Spirit more, and that emptiness within me was filled.

Its one thing to study, another to act and apply, and ANOTHER to ACT and APPLY with your companion. I have not just felt filled, but I have felt an overflowing feeling of the Holy Ghost in my life these past five days, testifying of the Saviors love and my companion is experiencing the same thing with me. When we have done everything we can to constantly be praying, re-evaluating, changing the music we listen to to even more uplifting lyrics, loving and serving others, ect. the motivation come and the Holy Ghost leads you in all your action. Each time this week we have followed the Spirit, we have seen miracles and I have came to know why I am here in the Idaho Falls Stake at this time. Somehow we have just been in all the right places at all the right times. Feeling guided in what to say, and people accept and feel the love of our message, all because of God and the confidence he has blessed us with. It is one thing to teach a lesson, and another thing to have a gospel discussion with someone, teaching them, and experiencing seeing them feel and recognize the Holy Ghost.

Now for the really exciting part, we had a mission conference this week and had the privilege of listening to Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the 12 apostles, and Elder Wilford Anderson of the 70. They both shook our hands and smiled as the greeted us saying each of our names. I will never forget this day! All who spoke had such great wisdom. After the speakers, Elder Christofferson did a “Q & A” with us. I loved how humbly he answered our questions with the other speakers. He shared so many personal experiences with us. His smile and eyes are so bright and filled with love. I inspire to be like him! My favorite thing he said, is the best way for members and missionaries to work together, is when members invited others into their circle. It can be a scary thing to talk about religion with others, but when we invite our friends into our daily life, it naturally comes.

Love you each!

Whenever you get the feeling to act, don’t ignore it! And you will see blessings 🙂