Mission Broadcast

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Hello Everyone!

IMG_3700This week we had our annual Worldwide Missionary Broadcast… and man it was amazing!!! We’ve been having lots of snow as usual, and a couple of neat teaching opportunities.

In worldwide broadcasts, they speak to all the missionaries on how we can best fulfill our purpose in inviting others to come unto Christ. In last year’s broadcast they came out with the theme,”Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts” which means to help people repent (change) because relying on Jesus Christ in this growth process is how people truly become converted. This is not just in regards to preparation for baptism, but a principle that blesses them through their life. So for this year, they spoke on ways we can do that. I always love hearing from the leaders of the church. Every word they say is humble, sincere, and inspired.

IMG_3701They also made some changes to our missionary schedule and key indicators… and it has been so helpful! The new schedule emphasizes flexibility and this change is to help us become more productive and better focus on our purpose. With this being said, we have more time in the morning and evening to prepare for the day and unwind at night. For the first time in my mission I have been going to bed on time, have more energy, and feel a lot healthier. The old schedule was totally doable and efficient, but with my Visitors’ Center schedule, this is much better!! As far as key indicators go, they simplified the number of goals we set everyday on how we are reaching out to help people. Now, we just set a few simple goals that play a huge role in people’s conversion. It has helped us to focus more on people’s needs and progression. I love it!

IMG_3702I really like the new people we have started to teach recently. One of the boys from our YSA (young single adult ward) is having us teach his friend. His friend’s name is Junior and he is awesome! His questions are so sincere and he really just wants to learn about what is going to make him happiest and test it out. We also started teaching a family who one of our church leaders had reached out to. When they reached out to them, they found out the parents were actually raised LDS but haven’t came in a long time and aren’t too familiar with the gospel. And their kids don’t know much about it either. We had a lesson with the dad and his son and I just loved how real they were. I love hearing people’s life stories and talking to them about how the gospel will bless them. The dad shared a lot of personal experiences and talked about how when he turned is life around, he got remarried and now has a blended family. In the beginning he had more of an atheist perspective on things, and by the end after we testified to him, there was a huge difference. He said he felt like taking his family to church may help them and I shared with him about my family and how as a blended family who lives the gospel, God truly does make things work for us, and that God would do the same for his family. He was touched by that and very responsive. The next day his family came with us to a church party and we all had a great time.

IMG_3705Well I absolutely love missionary work. Even when a snow day prevents us from driving, I am still always on the Lord’s errand 🙂 This weekend we were privileged to speak in three different church wards’ combined meeting on using the Idaho Falls Temple Open House as a missionary tool. The spirit was SO strong in all the meetings and a great experience for everyone. I’ll send a document that explains what we were teaching about!

I love getting to serve with Sister Towne and learn from her! We set a few new goals this week just personally as missionaries and are noticing the Spirit to be with us much stronger as we work together to achieve our goals in being obedient. Exact obedience truly does bring miracles.

Sister Miller