Mission Conference- 11 Months

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IMG_3246I am so excited to email all of you since it has been a while with Yellowstone and our Mission Conference.

I am continuing to learn so much in my mission everyday, and this conference we just had has really opened my eyes and heart. This past week and a half has been so humbling and wonderful. Doing the Lord’s work is never easy but I am learning so much about how to be a follower of Jesus Christ.

My birthday was fun! I was on exchanges, which means I was with a different sister for the day. I was with Sister Bowen which was so much fun because she is an incredible missionary and a great friend of mine. She took me out to lunch at this one Indian restaurant and it was some of the best food I have had in Idaho Falls.

Sister Montero and I have gotten a lot closer this week. We are SOOO different but we are getting along well. She’s opened up to me a lot and we are setting a lot of goals in our companionship. We are trying really hard to find new people to invite to Jesus Christ. Since its been a struggle, we have done our best to uplift anyone who we come in contact with. Whether its already someone from church, a youth group that comes into the Visitors’ Center, or even just each other, we can all come unto Christ which has kept us happy, motivated, and always excited to do our best.

IMG_3253My favorite part about this week has been serving in the Visitors’ Center, I have been trying to really connect with others, and be there for people when they have needed support. I met a girl a few weeks ago that really helped me out a lot, and I was able to help her. We had birthdays the same week so she came back to the Visitors Center this week to bring all the sister missionaries cupcakes. It was so sweet of her! Another girl, probably 16 yrs old (who reminds me a lot of my sister Autry), came in with her friend about 3 months ago and talked with me for over an hour. I never heard back from her to see how she is doing, but last night she came in and I was able to visit with her and her youth group. I was so happy to see both of these girls this week and know that they are happy and doing well!! I absolutely just love sharing my testimony of Jesus Christ with the Visitor Center guests, it is my favorite part of my mission.

IMG_3247Our mission conference was beyond amazing. We met with Elder Nielsen and Elder Acosta. WOW. I especially enjoyed hearing from Sister Nielsen and Acosta. They were so inspired.

Prior to our Mission Conference this week, we were asked to study to talks given by David A Bednar. They both are about how Jesus Christ is our support and eases our burdens. His sacrifice is what helps bad people become good and good people become better. Studying these talks with my companion blessed our companionship, our Visitor Center guests, and all those we teach. The answers we have been searching for in how to help others were all over in these talks, we bore testimony of them every where we went. It made me realize that people don’t join or return to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints because they want to “be a Mormon” just because they like our church, but because they are converted unto Jesus Christ and want to follow him. He is what makes all the difference.

IMG_3256Recently I have been gaining a stronger belief in the Book of Mormon and its purpose. And now I am understanding on a different level that this Is Jesus Christ’s church and all he wants for his brothers and sisters is to be happy.

Here are some links to the talks!



I don’t know how much time I will have to send everything from Yellowstone. I have a letter I hand wrote for my email, I just have to copy it into an email.. plus all the pictures! I will try to do that soon.

Sister Miller

the family I am with are close friends with my companion from the MTC and the other girls…are my wonderful friends from HB that I ran into 🙂 great surprise!!