My First Week Bein’ Green


SAM_0500Surprise..! My preparation day for emailing is on Fridays while I am here in the MTC.
Okay… So I like REALLY love it here. I have been wanting to go on a mission for so long and have been preparing for this day for forever. It is perfect, and I feel right at home 🙂
My companions are super cool. Its super awesome because instead of just one person to work with, I have two. So we have our own little trio 🙂
SAM_0501Sister Losada Benito is from Spain and moved to West Jordan, Utah about 9 years ago. And Sister Starling is from the country out in Florida and has an awesome southern accent. So its pretty fun. They are wonderful and have helped me out in so many ways. We work really well together and we’ve been having a lot of success in all of our practicing for the mission. Sister Losada Benito is the sister with the short black hair and she will be serving in the Mormon Battalion in San Diego. So if anyone takes a trip down to the San Diego Temple, you’d probably see her 😉 I really admire Sister Starling, she is the sister with the dark long hair. She has only been a member of the church for a year and seven months and is already out serving a mission. She will be off to serve at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah.
The best part about my zone (group of about 4 smaller groups called districts) is that all the visitor center missionaries are there. Its been a huge blessing to work with sisters who have a more similar calling to my own than the other proselytizing missionaries.
SAM_0505GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!? Three out of the four missionaries in my district are going to the Long Beach Mission!!!! In the pictures with elders of my district, they are the three in the middle. Their names are (from left) Elder Pane, Elder Hendley, and Elder Bagley. So for those of you who live in the Huntington Beach stake, keep your eyes out for these elders. They are great!! Just tell them you know me and they’ll be stoked. And in addition to them, one of my roommates is also going to the Long Beach mission. In the picture with the girls, she is the one with light brown hair. Her name is Sister Bradford. She is hilarious and so fun to be around. Its made me feel close to home being able to tell them everything they need to know about serving where I am from. So again, if you meet them, have them over for dinner and get to know them (especially my family…because I already told them you would 😉 haha).
I’m doing really well and having a lot of fun. THERE ARE STAIRS EVERYWHERE so I’m pretty stoked on life (I know its weird.. but I really like walking up and down stairs haha). Not gonna lie.. the schedule is still kinda rough.. haha. But I mean, I’m doing my best. There’s not a lot of down time, but when there is some, all us sisters and elders have loved getting to know each other. Its crazy being with people who are from all around and so different from you.. but yet becoming your best friends. And its been really nice to being running into people I know all the time. I have a couple friends from Southern California that I’ve met over the summer who are all here. And the weather is great. Its in the 60s and super sunny which is my favorite.
SAM_0502Well I love you all (: if you ever have any questions about how the MTC works or what my schedule is like, or anything about what I’m up to, just email me!
Biggest ah-ha moment. When getting to know others, you really feel love for them as a missionary. For example, my companion Sister Starling’s family is having a really rough time with health and not having her there. And even though I haven’t been through exactly what she is experiencing or what any of the people I have taught are, I still feel more than sympathy for them. Most people would say that you can’t have empathy for someone unless you have experience it yourself. WRONG. I’ve been pondering this a lot. Jesus Christ suffered to have empathy for us all. And as a missionary, my name tag tells you that I am a representative of him. And being in this position as being a representitive of Jesus Christ, I can have that empathy for anyone. Pretty cool, right?
I encourage you all to find a way that you can help someone out in need this week (:
Sister Miller ❤❤❤


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