Opposition in all things

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Hello Everyone!!

IMG_3378The leaves are falling and the wind.. is cold. Like too cold, but hey that’s okay because its just about time for winter! And thankfully, I have warm clothes so its all good. Everyone is saying winter will be coming early this year and that there may be a chance of snow soon. Which is CRAZY because last year when I came on my mission, it didn’t snow till the week before Thanksgiving.. I believe. Anyways, you know what’s even crazier than that? On the 21st of this week….. I will have been out a YEAR on my mission- THAT is crazy.

Update on the greenie fire- So everyone in our mission has been trying super hard to get this greenie fire back, but what we have found this week is that the second we start to get successful, opposition has hit us all like crazy. It stinks because you just feel really down sometimes. But you can’t let that last for long, because the importance of sharing Christ’s gospel out ways any feelings of doubt or discouragement.There have been many times this week where my companion and I have been truly humbled as we are constantly dropping to our knees in fasting and prayer.

Some of the things we really hoped to work out this week, did not, but many other different great things happened 🙂

IMG_3382First off, last Monday I got to see the whole potato production, and then just two days later we were asked to do service on a potato farm, so we got to put everything we previously saw into action! It was really fun!! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a few farms and one of them just so happens to be about 10 minutes from my home here in Idaho 😀 My family has told me stories of my ancestors going through the potato fields, so it was cool to relive that in a different way for myself. It was a really long day but it felt great to know that we are helping prepare food for people who don’t have much. With it being harvest season, we also got to help a lady in her greenhouse and some other fun opportunities! I love getting to serve!

We have been working even harder this week to talk to the local church leaders about people they suggest us to talk to and how we can help. Just yesterday we were given a bunch of suggestions, so we are excited to try to help all these people come closer to their Savior by building their faith and coming back to church. All of the leaders and people at church are so nice to us! Just yesterday we were talking to one of the bishops about trying to find some boys that could come to a lesson with us for another boy their age we are teaching, and he introduced us to some of the young men at church. They were super cool and perfect for the 17 year old boy we are teaching. We were definitely impressed by their willingness to serve and reach out.

IMG_3380On Saturday I did my first exchange (switch companions for the day) as a single Sister Training Leader in this transfer. I was somewhat apprehensive when I knew I would be a single STL, like I have previously mentioned, but I am here to tell you that my mission president is an inspired man in making this decision! So I went to one of the other sister’s proselyting areas while my companion stayed in our area. I had a ton of fun with Sister Eas, she’s from Hawaii and is almost done with her mission. I learned a lot from her! It really built me up to hear all the things that they were doing and learn from her. It was a nice refresher just to apply some of the basic getting out of your comfort zone things. We saw this one family and contemplated talking to them. But when we finally did it ended up being an awesome visit! Another cool thing, they serve in the foothills of Ammon, which is absolutely beautiful and I got to drive back through the mountains on our ways to some places we went. On the other hand, this was great for my companion. Since she is learning English, it is super hard for me sometimes not to always take the lead. We practice a lot, but her confidence is way more important to me than how much I speak, so its worked out well. But with me being gone, it was great for her to completely take the lead without me there. She told me she had a great time and that she feels more confident every day. So we are both excited for the many more exchanges that will be happening this transfer!

IMG_3383Lastly, I want to share some experiences from the Visitors’ Center. We met this really interesting man named Sam who came into the Visitors’ Center about a week and a half ago. He is a traveler and has a strong love for and willingness to serve God. He wanted to learn more and we began to teach him. We’ve met with him quite a few times and he wants to be baptized. Its incredible to hear his stories and his perspective.

I love love love my mission and the opportunity to meet new people daily and serve. The weather may be cold, but Idaho is a wonderful place and I am glad to be here 🙂

Sister Miller