Parades with Potatoes and Missionaries

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Hey Family and Friends!!

IMG_2878Happy 4th of July!! I am super excited it is the 4th because its my favorite holiday. The 4th of July has been super fun in Idaho Falls so far! This morning, a family from our church invited us to have breakfast with them and watch the Idaho Falls parade. It was great! Although I had to laugh because I think its the only parade that throws out potato snacks and has missionaries on a float. As I have said many times before, “Only in Idaho”. We have definitely been enjoying our morning 🙂

Each week really is getting more and more inspiring. I can’t even explain it, other than that I love it. We met our new mission president this week and his wife. They are very sweet people! From Oregon and just got to the mission field. His wife went out teaching with Sister Coutinho and I, and although we were super nervous because we hadn’t met her prior to that, it was wonderful and we were grateful to have her with us and get to know her.

IMG_2870We also got to do exchanges (Sister training leaders switch companions for 24hrs and serve with the other companionships in the zone/visitors center) this week twice and it was so much fun! On Wednesday I was able to be with Sister Bradshaw. I loved every minute of it. She was the sister who trained me and is now finishing her mission this month! So it was great to be with her because I will miss her a lot. And then this past Saturday I was able to serve with Sister Garcia who is one of our new sisters in the Visitors Center. She is from El Salvador and a convert to the LDS faith. It was great to get to know her better, but also to practice English with her. We were working out of one of her English practice books.. and it was funny. You can look for the picture I attached haha.

IMG_2869The amazing thing about going on exchanges is that each one of the missionary’s proselyting areas are blessed. There are just so many blessings and incredible experiences that come. I love exchanges and look forward to some more this month!

To sum up this week, I would say that I have understood the Atonement of Jesus Christ (Christ’s sufferings making it possible for us to change and be happy) in a new way. Sister Coutinho and I talked to many people who are struggling with so many things, and all we have been thinking about is how we can help them. One night we came home with so much on our mind that we didn’t even know how to begin our conversation. We just felt so weighed down by all these problems. I’ve gone up and down in my mission with my own personal concerns, but it has always worked out. But it is different to feel stable and then to feel the weight of other people’s concerns. One thing I learned is that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, my personal burdens have been lifted. So I figured if we prayed for other people’s concerns to be lifted from us and them, they would also. And you know what, they did. It was incredible. We were about to go to bed that night but had WAY too much on our mind. So we both got down on our knees, prayed for each person we were concerned about, and that we would feel better. Kid you not, we stood up and got in bed with no weight, and confident that everything would work out.

IMG_2876I am so grateful to be a missionary and to have the freedom live and serve my mission in a country where I can meet people each week and share with them the plain and precious truths that come from following Jesus Christ.


Sister Miller

ps one of the pictures is with my recent convert. She cut her hair this week and when I told her I liked it. Her mom told me that she came to her and said “I want to cut my hair short like Sister Miller’s!” Pretty much made my life