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IMG_1907You know you are in Idaho when… someone gives you a potato from their garden, when… people park on the wrong side of the road, and… when the men’s church activity is to go shooting hahah.

But you know what is great? When its 50 degrees out in the afternoon but the sun is shining directly on you. It reminds me of when I’d go surfing. The water would be cold but when the sun shined right down on you, its like the best thing ever haha.

IMG_1910Idaho Falls is great. It really is different but I am so glad to be here. The first night, I stayed in Pocatello with a really sweet family. Once I was transferred, I met the wonderful Sister Bradshaw. She is so amazing. She is my companion/trainer. She’s from Ceder City, Utah and has been here for 9 months. The first two days were pretty funny because she’s quiet and I’m pretty calm (most of the time haha). So even though we’d talk, it was always pretty chill. But now that we’ve both opened up, we are having so much fun. I’ve learned a lot from her. She’s a really sweet simple girl with a lot of good advice.
IMG_1906To start things off, I am serving in the Idaho Falls West Stake. We cover the Brentwood, Taylor Crossing, and Fox Hollow wards. So if anyone knows anybody in those wards… tell them to look for me! And if they are not in those wards, but in that stake, tell them to look for me on Sunday because it is Stake Conference 🙂 The people here, members of the church or not, are super down to earth.

In addition to this wonderful calling… I get to be in the visitor center about 4 times a week. Ah, its my absolute favorite. If I could serve everyday in the visitor center, I would in a heart beat. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I love when people walk in the door how it gets to be my job to just love and welcome them. I get to know them and then by using our resources in the VC (like movies, kiosks, pictures, statues, ect.) I get to teach them to their needs. Okay so this is really fun. Its kinda scary, but you have to completely rely on the Holy Ghost to guide you into what to say, specifically to what they need to hear (and most of the time you don’t know what that is). So you have to trust in God a lot, as he trusts in the missionaries to say what is needed for his children to hear. Unfortunately, this isn’t the experience I have with everyone who walks in. Sometimes people just want to walk in and do their own thing. But any chance I have to get to know people, I go for it. And its awesome because we don’t only do this for non-members, but ANYONE who comes in. Yesterday I taught two return missionaries and they had a great time. God helps us be able to connect and uplift anyone who comes in and that is the greatest gift.

IMG_1904Next to the VC, Sundays are awesome. Its my one day that I feel like I can relax and just listen to everything that is said in church. We had our Primary Program (church program where young kids sing), and it made me think of my family. This building is set up just like mine back home. I started to remeniss of being mad that my dad always made us sit in the front row, taking Levi and Ezra’s (my little brothers) Legos away. and nudging my dad to make sure he stayed awake. I love my family so much. I am so thankful for them. All the experiences I’ve had growing up with all of my family (both sides) good and bad, have truly shaped me into the person I am now. I’m so grateful for the influence my parents have had on me and for teaching me how to work hard. Its paying off a lot in the mission, and because of this, I am here in Idaho because I want to be here.

IMG_1899Well in conclusion, I am ready to work hard. Coming here, my companion shared with me that the wards could be strengthened as far as members and missionaries go. SO what does that mean? That means that we are going to change that. And I can honestly say, even though I have only been here for a few days, I can already feel a difference. I’ve prayed really hard to know how we can change this and so far so good. You just have to love the people (like a lot), include them in missionary work, keep them updated on the work, thank them for all they do, and ALWAYS ask for referrals and service opportunities. But really importantly, show them that you are here to be a missionary and fulfill your purpose. Although as missionaries we don’t notice, the members really are watching us so we need to make sure we take that seriously.

I am so grateful to be here. I can’t even explain it. All I want to do is help the people here and bring them closer to Christ. And I know that it is possible. Idaho is sweet.

My favorite thing to share with people is this super awesome video. Check it out.

I like to ask people to think about how they have been changed by Christ when they watch it 🙂

Lastly.. here are some pictures from the MTC when I saw Elder Arnold, my first full day in Pocatello (w/ sis bowen, the other new VC sister), raking leaves w/ the elders, and pictures with my companion.

Sister Miller

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