Popping the “Greenie” Bubble

IMG_2294Hello Friends and Family!! 🙂

All is good here in Idaho! Its warming up (like mostly above 20 degrees) but we are still getting snow time to time. Being companions with Sister Samanez is so fun! I love getting to learn about Peru and hearing her stories.

I am adjusting pretty fast to living in a new home (which I at first did not like haha). But I love it now that we’ve cleaned things up and I actually sleep a lot better here. Although I will admit, I was quite spoiled in my last home because we has a treadmill.. so before I was running almost every morning. I do miss it very much haha but instead of complaining, I got my companion to run with my outside in the mornings. We would layer up and run near the river. Its all about enduring the cold! Haha. Just kidding, that lasted two days. We now run inside the gym of the church. But! Once it warms up, I will be back outside. Its not so much the cold that is rough, but not wanting to slip on the ice haha.

IMG_2294So I can finally say that I have popped the “greenie bubble”. Now that I have finished my first 12 Week training, and am a senior companion.. I am no longer a new missionary 🙂 I really feel like I have adjusted to being on a mission, now that I have a better understanding of how a mission works and all of my responsibilities. This has also helped me to be more confident and excited to fulfill my purpose as a missionary. I am completely comfortable here and wouldn’t want to be anywhere else than on a mission. I LOVE being a missionary and am starting to feel a difference in my heart while being here. Nothing makes me feel happier and at more peace than teaching, smiling, and testifying that God loves all of his children and that we have a Savior, Jesus Christ. Overall, I guess you could say that I appreciate the Spirit here on a mission, and am not ready to go home anytime soon 🙂

There are many new responsibilities I have leading my area. I was given a list of them all and at first felt inadequate. But I quickly got passed that and started going through my list of things I should be doing, and deciding on how I can better work at these things. From little experience on this, I can say that when you pray, the Spirit will definitely prompt you on what to do. One of the things we should be doing as missionaries is using our area book (a huge binder filled with your ward’s information and teaching records of all your investigators, and former investigators from other missionaries). I will be honest.. I had never really used it much before than updating records. But I kept feeling that I should go through it. So during my down time in the Visitors’ Center, I completely cleaned out and reorganized it. This led to lots of new opportunities to find people to teach. Surprise, following your rules does you some good haha. I had no idea how vital the area book actually is. And now that it is organized, I am much more motivated to use it 🙂

IMG_2296Another good time to pray is when you need an attitude change! The other day Sister Samanez were out contacting people and it was not going to well. When this happens, its hard to stay motivated. We went back to the car and I vented to Sister Samanez that we just needed to stop for a minute and say a prayer. After our prayer, and desire to do his work, we both felt prompted to visit this one lady. I told Sister Samanez that I was nervous because every time we go over, she says it isn’t a good time and closes the door. But we followed through and went. Tender mercy- while we drove the sun came out from behind the clouds and the lady opened the door, was extremely nice, and let us in to talk to her. We are now texting her scriptures through out the week and going to be back soon! 😀

IMG_2314The week continued to get better and better. My zone leaders asked me if I could give a training in our Zone Training Meeting. My topic was, “Having a Humble and Teachable Heart”. My training had a big focus on how it is vital that we have the Spirit with us to be able to fulfill our purpose, but that is impossible if we don’t have humble and teachable hearts. How will those we teach ever be able to feel the presence of the Holy Ghost, if we can’t be humble enough to bring it unto them? All of the time, pride gets in our way and we start to lose focus on loving those we teach. Although I am far from perfect, trying to be more humble I think has been what has helped me notice the closeness to the Spirit I feel on a mission. And my favorite way to feel close to the Spirit is fasting. Every first Sunday of the month, our church has a day dedicated for everyone to fast. Not eating or drinking water during the day is SUPER hard haha, but the Spirit that comes with making sacrifices is incredible. Sacrifice brings humility, and humility brings the Spirit. Sometimes its hard not to focus on not eating, so while I’m at the Visitors’ Center, I love to watch movies on fast Sunday. Yesterday I was able to watch “Meet the Mormons” in Korean with these super nice people who moved in with my old neighbor in my last area. It was so fun getting to know them and to talk to people who were being exposed to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints for the first time. I’m crossing my fingers that I get to continue teaching them.

IMG_2305Again, I love being here on my mission in Idaho. I love getting to work in the Temple Visitors’ center each day. I love serving with Sister Samanez. I love the other missionaries I serve with and the people I teach. I love when I get to go to my favorite restaurant (the Venezuelan one) and get to eat empanadas and plantain chips with my favorite member from Rexburg 😉 and I am learning to love change.

I am extremely grateful for all the support and love from back home, and am most grateful to have a name tag that has the Savior’s name next to mine <3

Love you all!!!
Email me if you have any questions for me, and I’ll add them in my next email home 😉

Sister Miller

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