Spiritual Warm Up

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Hi Everyone!!

IMG_2744I am doing really well. This was another really tough week as far as the missionary work goes. But on the bright side, I am learning SO much and I absolutely love my companion Sister Hastings.

Even when things are slow in the work, and we face tough situations, I have so much to be grateful for. The other day I finally felt so overwhelmed about what I wish we were doing (teaching and finding new investigators) that Sister Hastings and I simply felt lost! Yesterday we decided that we were going to fast together, and I was blown away at the difference we felt. Because we have been fired up all week to share the gospel, and have just been so happy, positive, optimistic, and are role playing like crazy while we walk everywhere and just feel ready to go teach people! So when things haven’t gone as hoped, we have been pretty bummed. But all of this is teaching me a lot. Sometimes what we have in mind, is different from what God has in mind for us at this time. There are a lot of people here who used to come to church but now do not, and although we are not teaching a lot of people who are progressing in joining the church, we have been able to help a lot of people to progress in coming back. Its different than what I am used to, but it still feels great to help invite people unto Christ, regardless if they are Mormon or not.

IMG_2745One thing that I have noticed recently is the role that our studies play in our days. Comparing our days to when we have effective studies compared to when we are in a rush, make a huge difference! It is amazing how much we need to “warm up” before we go for a run in missionary work. And even when I haven’t spiritually warmed up for my day as well as I could have, I like this piece of advice I received from my mom- “God only reprimands us when we sin, not when we are trying our best.” Sometimes our days aren’t as easy and flow as well as others, but as long as we are trying our best, we have no need to worry.

And like I said, through all of this, I have an amazing companion that I get to work with. She inspires me everyday. But not only is she an incredible missionary, but she has been such a good friend to me. Like we will definitely stay close friends after our missions. We get a long SUPER well! We are always laughing and having fun while working hard. I am super grateful to have her support, all the support from home, and support from God.

IMG_2740I love my mission! I love training a new missionary! And I love the sun that is starting to appear more in Idaho haha.

Love you all!

Sister Miller

Ps. in my pictures: Sister Hastings got pooped on by a bird and it was the funniest thing.
So I didn’t take a picture by a cemetery because I am weird haha, but because of a story about my relatives. Back in the day, my relatives who grew up in Idaho Falls used to sled down the hills in this cemetery as kids in the winter. Ironically, this cemetery is the same one from these stories. I love getting to serve my mission where I have family who grew up here!
And other cool thing! This girl in the picture with me knows my mom from a job training/school!