Spring Time

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Hi, Everyone!

It is officially spring!

IMG_3785It has been a wonderful week! I have been just dying to do my best all week. I feel like I have faithfully served my whole mission, and I just want these last few weeks to be incredible. But it was hard to imagine miracles would come since the past month has been so slow. Well let me just tell you how much God loves his children, because I definitely witnessed that this week!

So I mentioned a few weeks back about a great training meeting we had not too long ago. In this meeting they taught us how to set more realistic goals. We decided to lower our goals for the week because things have been slow and we were hardly finding anyone new that we could reach out to. For the first time in a long time, we actually achieved all our goals!! It was so cool. We set a baptismal date with our investigator, Kara. And found new investigators, Steven and Janet, who came to church with us the next day! It felt so good to be able to help all these people. Its not a statistic thing to be met, its just truly finding those who are ready to receive the fullness of the gospel and become happier. God wants all of his children back, so anything we can do to help him in this work, makes me so happy.

IMG_3783Here’s what I thought was really cool though. So this week Sister Smith and I read a chapter of the Book of Mormon that we really enjoyed. Specifically a few verses stood out to me. It was Alma 7:11-13, talking about how Christ’s sacrifice for us blesses us that we can all be resurrected. That’s normally how I saw it, but this time I read the part about Jesus suffering for us and our grief, and it really made me feel that Christ understands this grief of losing loved ones because he felt all our pains.

Later that day when we met our new investigators, Steven and Janet, that ended up being something they needed in that moment. And then later that night, I was serving on Mormon.org and I started talking to a girl who is interested in learning more about our church, and that was something she needed too. I just think its awesome that the scripture we read that day was able to be specifically what some of God’s children needed to hear. Did we know that when we read it? No, but he did!

This week I went on exchanges with Sister Leon, who is one of my really close friends. We have served our whole missions together and will both be returning home soon. We had so much fun and she was the perfect example of the things I have been trying to work on. We met some new people, laughed probably too much, and I enjoyed getting to serve some of the time in Spanish since she is a Spanish called missionary.

IMG_3798Lastly, one of the things I have been working on is genuinely talking with everyone. I had a lot of great experiences doing this on the street and when contacting. But today was my favorite moment! My whole mission I have wanted to share the gospel with someone in the grocery store, but its just never worked out. But, I’ve kept my hopes up. Today, the cashier at Winco says, “Are you two nuns?” Haha. It was great!! We told him how we are missionaries and shared with him a pass along card for the Idaho Falls Temple Open House. He was interested in learning more so we left him with our number. I hope he gets in contact with us soon!

I just love my mission so much. Its SO sad for me to be going home but I know this has been exactly what I’ve needed at this time in my life and for all the people I have been able to learn from and help.

Sister Miller

Temple drawings for the week!