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Hello Everyone!!!

IMG_3560This week has been incredible. Here’s a story to kick it off:

The work has still been really slow, and its tough because we are so excited and ready to share the gospel, more prepared than ever before, but are still struggling to find people to teach. But my outlook has been that there are people to teach, who are ready to hear and accept the gospel- we just need to find them!

We have started to encourage everyone we meet to pray for missionary opportunities. In our YSA (young single adult) branch we just got a new ward mission leader and he is great! Together we knelt in prayer with the other branch missionaries (church calling in branch, not full time missionaries) for a missionary opportunity within the branch. In the other wards we have work but in the YSA we have not had any in the last few months, and we are really wanting to change that!

When we got home that night, I had a really strong impression that Sister Towne and I should pray to receive a media referral from for someone in YSA that is interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Normally I normally wouldn’t just make up something like this to pray for, but this was a strong impression right from the Lord and I couldn’t ignore it. I told Sister Towne and I thought she’d think I was crazy, but she went with it and each night would pray for this opportunity. I have the faith to find!

A few days later we were in one neighborhood and our plans fell through. All of our back up plans weren’t home, and everything else we thought of wasn’t working out. We only had one more hour until we needed to return home and we didn’t want to give up. We would pray, drive. Pray, and then drive again. But were still not being led anywhere and neither of us felt anything. Finally we pulled in front of one house, prayed if this is where God wants us to be, and no answer. We sat in the car in silence with so many mixed emotions, on the urge of discouragement.

IMG_3556Suddenly, our phone rang. We looked at each other and then the phone. We received a text from for a media referral for a man who would be in the YSA ward who wants to meet with missionaries. The tears were uncontrollable. We knew at that moment that this was the answer to our many endless prayers.

No here’s a little background on this story. I have been praying for months and my answer has always been to be patient and to know that the Lord is preparing us for what is to come. Good things have happened since then, so I wasn’t sure what the Lord was preparing us for or if whatever is was had already come. Instead of being discouraged, I would just press forward in faith and was prepared for anything the Lord was planning to put in our path.

Well, 4 months later the miracle came and we are prepared! Our new investigator’s name is Max.. well that’s what he goes by anyways.. his real name is hard to pronounce! 🙂 He is from China and has been in the United States to study and get a job. He is currently working at Melaleuca and became curious in Christianity as he was surrounded by so many other Christians at work. It ended up leading in questions about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and interest in checking it out. We called him right after we received the referral and have had 3 lessons with him since then. He is golden! We could not be any more grateful.

One other cool thing about it! So when missionaries are being trained, they go through a program with their trainer called “12 Week”. Its all based on the fundamentals of missionary work. The trainer and trainie role play together, and apply what they have role played into the people they teach. Only problem for us… is we didn’t really have any investigators to apply it to so we’d practice with members of the church instead. But right in our first two lessons with Max, Sister Towne, my companion who is being trained, was able to apply ALL the teaching applications from 12 Week. It was so cool and the Holy Ghost was incredible strong. Max is so prepared. Best lessons we’ve had in forever!

In addition to this we have been just loving the Visitors’ Center. We have a couple of “regulars” who have been coming in recently. We have had so many great experiences just sitting down with them and sharing uplifting messages. I love witnessing people coming in looking down and leaving with their face full of peace and contentment. Change is what the gospel of Jesus Christ is all about! All we need to do is live the gospel (even when its tough or we lack faith) and just grow as we follow the Savior.

It amazes me how many people are open with missionaries. We get so many heartfelt questions daily whether it be in a lesson, in the Visitors’ Center, or over I love sharing with people the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in all these circumstances and inviting them to study out the scriptures. Inviting them to read the Book of Mormon and to pray and ask God if it be not true. I am so grateful to be a missionary.

Lastly, I just wanted to include a link to the new Youth Video on about asking questions

I know that God always wants to hear our prayers. He wants to know our questions, concerns, and feelings. And as we wait in patience, he will help us grow a long the way. Just like he did for us with Max!

Your Sister Miller

Pictures/videos: Picture from the theater in the Visitors’ Center, Ice skating today for a break on our Preparation day! So fun!!