Sunburns and Rain

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Hey Everyone!!!

You really know you are a missionary when you have dreams about losing your SD card and people falling through in getting baptized hahah.

DSC00102This week I have learned two things. It is possible to train in a full proselyting area even when you’ve never been in full proselyting before. And it is possible to get sunburned for three days and then sopping wet in rain the following three days. Gotta love Idaho 😉

I have really enjoyed this week. I can’t even explain how great yet how hard it has been. We set a lot of goals for this past week, and by the end of the week, we were not even close to the goals we had set. I was devastated! I figured if I could reach my goals while I was out proselyting and in the Visitors’ Center, then I could easy reach higher goals just in full proselyting. And I am sure I could, but this week it did not go that way at all. After being bummed, I prayed a lot because I had worked harder than I ever have in my mission this past week, yet my recorded lessons did not reflect that. In times like this on my mission, some how last minute in praying, the next day I am able to improve in my goals, so I was somewhat surprised when that didn’t happen this past week. But I can say that I learned a lesson from this. As much as I’d like my success to be shown through the number reports on what I did last week, doesn’t mean that ‘s the only way success is shown. Whether my written success is low or high, God knows the intent of my heart and and He knows the work that went into last week. This has been a great reminder that fulfilling my purpose in “Inviting others unto Christ” can apply to everything, not just reports and that quality over quantity is a real thing!

DSC00110Training Sister Hastings has been a great experience for me. I always tell her what a good missionary she is and that she’s my “prodigy child” haha. But she really is amazing. She has such a strong testimony, is focused, and works really hard. We get a long so well, and are always having so much fun. But it is hard in a way, because recently I have felt like I am not doing anything to help train her because half the time I feel like she knows more than I do. I really want to do everything I can to feel like I can help her, yet I feel like I am being humbled and she is teaching me. Its not what I expected, but whether I feel like I am doing my part or not, I felt strongly this week that even if I may not be able to visibly see or know if I am helping her, God has put us in each other’s paths for a reason, and we are both need one another as companions in different ways. She is incredible, and I appreciate all she does to help me laugh things off when things go wrong, and to put a smile on my face instead of being worried. We’re a pretty great team 🙂

On Friday, we got to enjoy an incredible Zone Conference. It was very uplifting the whole time, but there were just a few specific things that really had an impact on me. We talked about listening to the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and the willingness we should have behind our actions. It hit me in a different way than it has before. And when we mess up, not to be so down on ourselves, but to just move on, repent, and change. But what hit home for me most of all was talking about pride. In the Book of Mormon, we always refer to the “Pride Cycle” people went through, that we still go through today. I have always wondered how we stay off of the pride cycle rather than just going through it repeatedly. We had an apostle from the quorum of the 70, Elder Anderson, talk to us, and he said the way to do this was by simply being thankful. I loved that and am trying to always apply that.

DSC00107But the best part of this week, is simply going through the “12 Week” training program with Sister Hastings. We apply things from the scriptures and our Preach My Gospel manual.. but best of all is watching “The District”. Now not every missionary has a great appreciation for the District videos. But I just love them haha. The reason why I like them so much is because they remind me of when I would watch them while I was preparing for my mission. They keep me so motivated in bringing back my initial excitement to serve a mission, and of all the things that have happened to get me to this point in my life. I am so grateful to be serving my mission. And when I watch the District it makes me sad that I only have 11 months left! Even if I go out and teach with other sister missionaries all the time after my mission, it will not be the same as being set apart as a missionary. I love my calling to serve, and training has helped me live and enjoy in the moment, and most importantly, be grateful for my call to serve a mission here in Idaho Falls.

Have a great week!! Thanks for all of the prayers and support!!

Sister Miller