The Power of Goal Setting

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Hi Everyone!!

IMG_3021Well this week has by far been the roughest week in my mission! But, I’ve learned that after every discouragement, resilience can follow.

This week I was pretty discouraged in not feeling like I was putting in my 100%. In the beginning of the week, all of our appointments were falling through and we weren’t doing much teaching. When things start to not work out, its much easier to be sad and not feel successful. But I didn’t want that to last long so I made plans for the next day to work harder, put in my 100%, and stay positive. But then! I got super sick. I’m not really sure what it was, but it lasted the rest of the week. Being home was hard, because when you’re not out working and you’re stuck in bed, you start to get homesick. I tried to go out to serve whenever I could, but I felt weak physically and that everything I did was not to my best ability.

IMG_3030Last night I was really fed up with just not feeling well and prayed that I’d feel better the next day and to be able to figure things out so that I could feel better and not be so self critical, but to improve and just be back to being my happy self.

And I am proud to say that that is what happened. I woke up feeling better and completely different. Not just being happier, but my Sister Stein and I were getting along really well and it was much easier to feel the Holy Ghost. In missionary work we learn the principle of setting goals and making plans. Right now I am working on implementing this into not just the amount of people we’d like to meet and teach, but to my personal life as a missionary. Recently one of the reasons I have been self critical is because I haven’t felt so much like myself- and the last thing I want to be is a missionary robot. So I took the time this morning to list the things I was doing before my mission to gain spiritual insight. Because before my mission I always felt really confident in what I believed and who I was. It was funny to read through the list and think “Okay I could be serving more, listening more, ect”. My goal is right now to my 100% in. Not someone else’s 100% in, but mine own. I am grateful for the testimony I have gained throughout my life and want to not hold back who I personally am as a representative of Jesus Christ. And I know that as I continue to set goals, with being positive and God’s help, without being self critical haha, that I will continue to grow into the missionary he wants me to become 🙂

IMG_3045I’ve also learned that even when we think we fall short, God still loves us and is proud of us for striving in the right direction.

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