They Say Just Make it ‘Til Sunday

IMG_1833My lovely friends and family,

So words goes around that when the MTC feels really rough, you just gotta make it till Sunday. SO TRUE. My first few days I was full of adrenaline and was on fire the whole time. I loved it! And I still do, but the MTC is not easy.

Okay, so I am not someone to get homesick. But my third night here, my adrenaline started to wear off and I was overwhelmed with the busyness of everything. Our schedule is SUPER intense and I was having a hard time trying to balance everything. And on top of that, I got sick. So I will admit, I cried my self to sleep that third night. But after I calmed myself down somewhat, I laid in bed reflecting and praying on how I could improve my situation. Although still crying, I felt so much comfort and I knew everything would be okay.

IMG_1830That was Friday. When Sunday came around, our schedule was much more calm and I had more time to relax. It was a super spiritually uplifting day. My roommates, companions, and district have been so sweet to me that despite how I was feeling before, I felt supported. And I actually have quite a few friends at the MTC that I met in Orange County, and it makes me day whenever I get to see them.

IMG_1822This week was such a change. I really thought back on my advice from my stake president back home of not being too serious. Because sometimes I really try hard to do my absolute best that I forget to be myself and enjoy everything around me. Staying at the MTC has really helped me with this weakness. Yes I know I am a missionary, I am serving as a representative of Jesus Christ, and I am here for others not myself.. but that doesn’t mean I’m still not Sarah Miller. After a lot of prayer, reflecting, pondering, and learning, I felt my prayers were answered and I found new ways to relax and put things into balance. Things like sitting outside more and taking every importunity to make new friends. The MTC has been a challenge to adapt to, but I can honestly say I am so happy and am growing a lot. I love the missionaries I work with. We keep calling each other family and make jokes all the time. Whenever we are all on our own in our classroom, we gather up our desks into what we call our ‘campfire’ and we just all open up and grow spiritually from each other. Its the best 😉

IMG_0069 (2)And as of yesterday I have been feeling so much better. I just caught this little sickness that is going around. Almost everyone has had it.

But the best thing that has happened all week was our Tuesday night devotional. It was broadcasted world wide to all the MTCs… and although as you know I am not much of a singer haha, I sang in the choir. We had a special guest… Pres Neil L Anderson. Oh my goodness. That was truly amazing. It was such a different experience to have him as a speaker. It felt so intimate and I appreciated how direct he was with the missionaries. He talked about: sacrifice, opposition, adversary, and deliverance. Everything he said was phenomenal. But what stood out to me the most was how I felt during it. I really felt that although things are tough at the MTC, all I am experiencing is really shaping me into the best missionary I can be. In due time haha.

Sister Miller

OH!! And I met more elders going to Long Beach yesterday!! They are super chill. I don’t remember their names, but if I find out, I will letcha all know so that when they are serving in HB, you can take care of them all. 😉

…and actually you know what the hardest thing about the MTC is? Not saying “you guys” hahha

  1. Sis. Shintaku

    I’m so proud of you Sarah! It’s the hard things that make us better! Keep up the good work and know that we are all here cheering you on and praying for you!

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