This has been an exciting week

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Hi Everyone!

IMG_2991 This has been an exciting week. Somewhat overwhelming at times, but absolutely incredible. In the past week we have had a mission conference and our missionary leadership council.

In my past few emails I’ve talked about working with the people of the church to find more people to teach. Everything Sister Stein, my companion, and I have tried to implement to do this has brought great results! But, applying what we learned at our mission conference and missionary leadership council has taken things off to a whole other level.

I am very grateful for all my mission president is doing for our mission. When following the specific instruction he gave us about working with the members of the church is blessing our proselyting areas more than we can imagine. Many times last week I thought, “Well how are we going to make this work for 9 wards?” and when we’ve left behind our fear, and put forth faith, everything is falling into place.

IMG_2986When I first found out I was going to be transferred out of the Visitors’ Center to the Ammon West Stake, I wasn’t super excited.. but I love it so much. The first week was rough, but when we began to meet with bishops and ward leaders, things have just started to flow and we are only 3 weeks in. I am really enjoying being here with Sister Stein and would hope to stay in this area for some time. Its exciting when you enter a bishop’s office and one of the first things he tells you is that he is grateful for you both and that we have a great reputation amongst the leadership of the area. The stake is motivated and miracles are happening. People are being prepared.. and its crazy!

Overall, applying what our mission president is teaching us from the 12 apostles has helped me understand more fully my purpose as a missionary and the role Jesus Christ plays in each of our lives. president Nelson challenged us to read the Book of Mormon from the beginning as a mission. Just by doing this, it has already it has helped me to be more motivated to be on time to personal study and study for our investigators.

IMG_2988Everything in my companionship is going great. We have open communication and the same goals. It is fun to be excited when your companion is excited with you 🙂 As we have been talking to bishops and leaders, we have received many referrals. But not just from lists, but people calling us. We had a former investigator whom we were not sure how to start teaching, but just Saturday night we texted him inviting him to church and he told us he would be there and that because of a spiritual experience at EFY, he wants to be baptized. What has amazed me the most is how helpful the members have been in fellowshipping the people we are asking them to help us with. The young men in one ward wrapped their arms around our investigator and helped him have a good time at church.

Its not just about a missionary companionship working in unity, but the missionaries and church members together.

I am loving my mission and 9 months in.. things are really starting to click 🙂