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Hello Everyone!!!

IMG_3458We got our transfer calls yesterday!! Both Sister Montero and I will be training new Visitors’ Center sister missionaries!!! Transfers are this Wednesday, but the Visitors’ Center sisters won’t be arriving till next Tuesday. So until next week, Sister Montero and I get to stay companions! Due to the transfer, I will be training and staying in my same area in the Ammon West Stake and the Visitors’ Center. Only difference is I will be moving houses! Which will be nice because it is closer to the Visitors’ Center! Another bonus, is that we will be staying with the Halls, who are in our mission presidency, so it will be cool to know them better.

IMG_3459I’m SO grateful Sister Montero and I got to be companions. It was so random since she is Spanish called in an Elglish area with me, but we had a blast. Her English wasn’t perfect, but it was incredible to see her grow and for me to truly be humbled at how much she was needed in this area. The people here just love her and her accent! She is just so bubbly and fun, making jokes in her accent. She has been a light to this area! And I am glad I got to be her companion because she really embraced herself being in English. And for me, it was a neat experience to support her and give her all she needed to blossom instead of fearing. As we became closer, she spoke up more and shared all of her missionary ideas with me. She is one inspired girl, notices things others don’t, and has love for everyone. Oh, and she makes really good Dominican plantain chips too 😉

vc christisI am excited to train a new missionary, but also somewhat nervous! I’ve trained before for just that month with Sister Hastings, but I had one hours notice because she was a visa waiter, so I didn’t have much time to prepare! But this time, I have been doing my best to prepare, and being out on the mission for a year now, I am excited and ready! A great blessing with this too will be experiencing the “greenie fire” from a new missionary again. I’ve realized how important it is to keep that glowing as a missionary, and I want to help this new sister keep her zeal for missionary work through out her whole mission. I have a lot of ideas and I am stoked to be able to apply them with a new missionary. I think my main goal is to help her feel loved right away, and have confidence in always applying her purpose as a missionary. Its a great opportunity for me to step up and be better too.

IMG_3456This week was good! Unfortunately we had to drop one of our investigators. We were really open with her on our purpose and she said she wasn’t interested in changing. Its been tough but the relationships we have with the members of the church here keep increasing and more opportunities are coming. It may be 2 months later after struggling to find people to teach, but the blessing are right around the corner, I know they are coming! In one ward, a family just moved in who hasn’t been to church in a while and wants to come back and the dad wants to baptize his kids. And his neighbors are excited to help their family get involved. We met them this past week and have a lesson set up for this week! How cool is that? Miracles.. I think yes!

DSC02528One thing that stood out to me this week is how we can promise blessings. This is hard because it takes a lot of courage and trust in the Lord. You only promise people a blessing if the Holy Ghost tells you too because you don’t want to promise something big if it won’t happen haha. But through faith, if you know from the Holy Ghost to promise someone something after inviting them to act/change, the Holy Ghost will testify to them that the words coming out of your mouth are from the Lord. We were in a meeting with a new ward mission leader and a new bishop in one of our wards, going over to missionary work and efforts, setting goals and making plans. At the very end, the ward mission leader asked of it there was anything else we needed to discuss. It was so weird, but I felt like this EXTREMELY strong feeling to tell him that we know there is someone being prepared right in our neighborhood that will be ready to hear the gospel. So I followed that prompting and said just that. To be honest, it kind of scared and startled me when I said it because it was this really strong feeling and everyone in the room felt it. But that’s what missionary work is all about, having the faith to find and the trust in the Lord that he will place people in our path as we follow him. I know He will.

Your Sister Miller

PS here are a bunch of pictures with other missionaries before transfers.