IMG_2012Hello everyone! 🙂

I have only been here in Idaho a few weeks and I am already getting transferred to a new area!
They are changing it up a bit. Sister Bradshaw and I are going to the Idaho Falls stake across the river and will be over 4 wards. I am sad to leave the people I have begun to work with here in the Idaho Falls West stake, but I am so excited for this new area! Last night, I got to meet with the stake president (president/leader over this area in Idaho falls), one of his councilors, and the elder missionaries who we will be splitting this area with. I was taken back at how loving they all were. There is something special about the people here in Idaho. Even if they park on the wrong side of the street, the people here are amazing.
Well, its snows time to time which is super fun! It looks really neat outside because both the sky and ground are all white. I’m learning to love a different kind of beauty than the coastline haha.
I am doing really well and I am so happy here!
I have learned a lot this past week and have had a lot of really neat experiences. Right after Sister Bradshaw and I found out we are leaving this area, it was easy to feel like we didn’t need to work as hard because we’d be leaving anyways. But we both knew we should do otherwise. So this week we truly tried our best, and I can say, that our results were to best because of this. We contacted a ton of people who were referrals from people in the ward. There were a couple people in the area that were never home whenever we went over before, but this week we felt like we should try again.. (some this was like the 5th time). But believe it or not, many of these people were home, were kind, and some even interested. This was amazing. I felt like I had a lot of faith, but now even more so.
So a few things that have been on my mind this week. I love going to church on Sunday, especially to take the sacrament. I always appreciate this time that I can relax and ponder on my Savior, Jesus Christ, and how I can be better that week to be more like Him. This past Sunday I really started to understand how special this part of my week is and what a special place the chapel is. Back home I was able to work in the New Port Beach temple, so I tend to miss it often. The temple is a beautiful place where I feel that same peace. So the sacrament at church has begun to remind me more of it 🙂 Because even the church, is a sacred place of peace too 🙂
Next thing! So when I first got to Idaho I was really struggling to feel like I was doing my best and especially being obedience. And what I mean by that (not like going crazy and braking rules haha but just keeping up with everything, meeting all the time requirements, and ect. So I decided instead of getting down on myself, I would just focus on one thing at a time. I practiced being as obedient as I could each day, and in due time, I found myself doing a lot better. What I think is neat though, around the same time I felt like I had obedience down, I prayed for a learning experience to help me on something else I was struggling with. And without even thinking about my progress in obedience, I now know the next thing to work on 🙂 It takes a lot of courage to ask for a learning experience, because if you ask, that is the one thing God will give you right away haha. But I am grateful for all the experiences I am having in Idaho and the people I am working with.
Lastly, I am extremely grateful for the life direction a mission points me in. All through high school I could never figure out what I wanted to do for a career and what I wanted to study in college, but I could never figure it out. I was hoping that on my mission I’d be able to have some insight on what I wanted to do. Last night, the councilor of the stake president I met with just so happens to work with the LDS seminary and institute education system and the Especially for Youth Program. We began to talk and I realized that ever since I was in middle school and listened to John Bytheway talks and speeches, I wanted to be like him.Listening to him helped me a lot because he speaks out of love without telling you to change, but by listening to the  Holy Ghost (which you can always feel in his talks) that is what tells you to change. Everyone has a soft spot for a type on people. Some its the elderly, children, or maybe those with special needs. But for me, its is teenagers. And I’ve always wanted to have a job where I get to help them. Who knows exactly what route I will take, but he told me that he can set me up with the people I need to talk to if I want to teach seminary and be a speaker for these programs after my mission. So, I’m going to keep that in mind, and probably still study some math in college (;  but I’m grateful for the connections I’m making and the people God has placed in my path.
This week make sure to check out the and print out one of the “He was born so I…” papers and fill it out! And then take a picture of it and share it online! Sister Bradshaw and I did this, this morning 🙂
Love your Sister Miller (:

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