Trio Time

IMG_2598Hey Everyone!!

Transfers have happened, and I am happily in the Idaho Falls Central Stake serving in a trio! The weather has been pretty nice, and I have loved getting to walk in the sun. I almost cried for joy when my cheeks were just slightly pink from being outside. All I can say is I am ready for more sun haha. Although I will say, I am not walking as much as I expected. My area right now is the only area for sisters in the mission without a car (tender mercy for Sister Miller right there) but we are allowed to share the cars from the other sisters in the Visitors’ Center during the times they are serving there and we are not. So we have a car a lot of the time! And when that doesn’t work out, members from the church are so good and always giving us rides. The other day we tried walking from our home to the Visitors’ Center (mile and a half walk) to pick up the other car, and a lady from the church saw us and gave us a ride. Like I said, people here are so kind.

IMG_2610This is the first time I’ve ever lived full time in an apartment. Its pretty cool! Since there are three of us it has been funny to see how things have played out in organizing things. We have a little tripod of desks in our living room, three beds in one bedroom, and all of our stuff in the other bedroom. We have a tiny little dirt yard out in the back with a huge tree. And this week I have learned the importance of keeping an eye on the back door when I open it to get some fresh air in during lunch. The fence we have between our apartment and the neighbor’s has a hole in it.. and they have two dogs. And if you leave the door open, soon enough you may find them running around your kitchen.

Being in a trio has been so much fun. Prior to it, people would always say make sure one sister doesn’t feel left out, or warning that teaching in a trio can be difficult. But honestly, it has not been difficult in the slightest. If anything, it is a party all the time. We all get a long great and are laughing all the time. I love both of these sisters. I know that I definitely have needed to be with them for some reason or another. They are SO obedient, focused, and diligent. Its been a great wake up call for me on how I need to start working on becoming a more consecrated missionary again. Both of these sisters are super selfless and spiritual. Being around them has helped me refresh my initial excitement for serving a mission.

IMG_2623We are just covering two wards and I am amazed at how much work there is in just a little area. The members here are so willing to help out the missionaries. I have already gotten to know so many people here in less than a week. And I love the people we are teaching! We have already had a bunch of great lessons with people. In a trio you would imagine that teaching would be all over the place, but it hasn’t been at all. Our lessons are really led by the Spirit and we teach quite well together. I mean there is room for improvement on making sure we don’t talk too much haha, but its for sure balanced and again led by the Spirit.

This week I feel like I have faced more opposition in a different kind of way. In my last transfer, my struggles were completely different than they are now. This companionship I am in now seems to have no problems what so ever, the area is incredible, missionary work is going, but I started having a hard time staying strong in facing the opposition as a missionary. During this time, I have opened up to my companions completely and I have been amazed in how much love they show to help me in whatever I feel I am going through. From them and the experiences I have been having here and there, I have felt the Holy Ghost more on my mission recently than I have my whole mission. And when temptations to doubt come, I keep having these experiences that have reminded me that I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I am supposed to do, and sharing Christ’s message.

Some of my little spiritual tender mercies have been things like being asked to give a training in my next district meeting on “The Holy Ghost and how it has influenced my life” (preparing this has made me rethink things so much) and things like opening up my scriptures randomly after praying for support and just so happening to land on the scripture that helped me gain my testimony as a 13 year old. And many more!! All I can say is that God truly knows us each, doesn’t leave us alone, and wants for us to be happy.

Sister Miller

ps. I am also enjoying phrases that are used in the Philipines haha. My favorite one to use right now is “Jowk lang” which means “just kidding”.

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