What it means to be a Follower

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Hi Everyone!

IMG_3008So, I am praying that this is a long summer because Idaho has been so warm and sunny and I just love it. Not ready to even think about fall or winter yet.

I am still loving the Ammon West stake. I have met a lot of fun families that I get along really well with. Serving here is neat because its a fresh new start. Sometimes its challenging, but I’ve really enjoyed making new friendships and meeting new people.

One thing that has helped me most is making the decision to love others and be happy. Last week we were discussing in a meeting how to be a good leader or example, and someone said you have to be the best follower of Jesus Christ that you can, and love everyone. Someone else gave the example of being happy and getting to know others by treating them like your best friend. I’ve applied this before and gotten a lot out of it, so I decided to apply it again this week.

And I am glad I did apply this, because I feel like it was perfect timing for me to do so. Its crazy how different your conversations are with people when you listen and are happy verses putting forth the extra effort to be interested in what others say, be excited for them, and be their friend. Its weird because doing this doesn’t feel fake. It may seem like it, but when you act like this, it changes your attitude and in result you do naturally care for them. It takes lots of humility, patience, and love haha.

IMG_3009Serving this week was good. The work was slower, but there was much more quality over quantity, so I can’t complain 🙂 We found 3 new investigators this week, and its was miraculous how it just all worked out. We met a lady outside 2 weeks ago, who used to talk to the missionaries. She invited us back this week. While we were there her friend walks in and gets excited to see missionaries. She stopped and asked if she could join our lesson. This women was awesome! She has so many amazing questions about God and his plan for us regarding our life before earth and our purpose here. Its always wonderful when people have sincere questions because they truly want to know. I am so grateful she came over when she did and that we get to be apart of helping her.

IMG_3006We had exchanges this week! I was with Sister Huckbay, and that was a neat experience. She also had a lot of sincere questions that made me think. When answering her questions and talking with her it was cool because I felt like it was super inspired and not normally how I would answer things. Just goes to show that its God’s work, and its done his way. We just get to help each other out as missionaries when we rely on him 🙂

Sister Miller

ONE MORE COOL THING! Sister Bradshaw (my trainer) went home a few weeks ago and she came back to visit with her family and I was able to meet them. MADE MY WEEK