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unnamedHello family and friends!

Many would say the ice on the ground is dangerous and a pain. I agree to that, but there are also some fun things about it. Whenever you are in a parking lot it feels more like ice skating than walking. And I haven’t had any falling instances 😉 Its been cold, but really sunny the last few days. Its been beautiful!

Last week I mentioned how through prayer, we have seen many miracles. So we decided to come up with another thing we could pray for to hasten the missionary work! Right now we are trying really hard to work with the members of the LDS church in our finding efforts, like teaching their friends/neighbors/family. We specifically prayed that someone would have a friend prepared for us to help. By the end of the week, no result came around. I figured this was a big thing to ask for and that it may take longer than the end of out week. To our surprise, a boy in our Young Single Adult branch told us about his friend who he has been reaching out to and wants us to meet. How cool is that? We’ll be excited to meet his friend this week!!

Max is doing really well! He received the priesthood and a calling (responsibility/service opportunity) in church to help with the sacrament! We are excited for him and he will be going up to the Rexburg temple this week with some other men from our church!

unnamed (3)This week we had a conference with the other missionaries. We were trained a lot on the use of social media in missionary work. I’ll be excited to do this! We have plans to go to youth activities and teach the kids and even the adults too how they can reach out to help others through media. Missionary work is awesome and so fun! There are so many different ways to do it.

Sister Towne and I love to share messages through media when we visit people. Its such an easy way to find out what they need from their reactions to the media messages. Last night we had a cool experience where we went to someones home who’s family isn’t members of the LDS church. Normally we just go over and talk with the parent and share a message. But this time we asked if we could share a video with their whole family and they all loved it and were super touched! I love the use of media, not just in people’s homes but the Visitors’ Center too!!!

unnamed (2)“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” (Proverbs 23:7) I’ve thought a lot about this scripture recently and how it relates to me personally. For me its easy to let my stress or worries make it hard to focus and be myself. I’ve been setting a lot of goals on working harder to develop Christlike attributes. Its the attributes of Christ that help you be yourself, not the worries of the world. I love striving to fill what I think in my heart with positive things and what I’d like to become and help others become because that is what is helping me find success in my mission.

Love you all!

Sister Miller

I’m including my favorite video we’ve been showing this week, a picture from our conference, and pictures Sister Coutinho and I were taking in the Visitors’ Center