White Christmas

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Hello Everyone!!!

DSCN0610I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, we had a very white Christmas here in Idaho. It is snowing way more than last year. I don’t mind it at all. ..its just really easy to get stuck in the snow in the neighborhoods. The streets are fine but when the neighborhoods aren’t cleared, its crazy!

Yesterday we were driving to church which thankfully is in the same neighborhood as we live in, and when we got to church, no one was there! Apparently it was canceled! And we couldn’t move through the snow so we weren’t able to drive anywhere else. There were some families from church we were spending time with on Christmas, and they were very generous to give us rides. The roads were crazy!

DSCN0777And then this morning, we hoped it would be better.. and it was.. but only a little! We got stuck twice today in our neighborhood. The people who were also driving saw us and helped us push our car through the snow. And then the second time it happened, an Idaho native taught me a few tricks which were quite helpful and I was quickly able to pick up.

This week we were able to see Max a lot! We had a few lessons with him and some people from YSA. It amazes me how much faith Max is. He is just so accepting and hard working. What impresses me most about him, is every time we hear him pray. He is so humble!! Its beautiful listening to him as for forgiveness, guidance, and strength. And then to hear him express gratitude and pray for others. He’s incredible. Yesterday for Christmas, we were having dinner with the YSA Branch President’s family and Max came too! We had a ton of fun eating and playing games.

gracieWe had an awesome lesson with Gracie’s family, the little 8 year old girl we are teaching whose family is trying to come more to church. We watched the “Horseman” Meet the Mormons which they loved because they do rodeos, followed on a video about God’s Plan for Families. We talked about eternal families and they loved it! Its a huge blessing to have the Visitors’ Center as a teaching resource. I think after my mission, the Visitors’ Center is what I will miss most.

We had exchanges this week and I was with Sister Albances, who I used to live with when I was companions with Sister Hastings back in the spring. Sister Albances is one of my closest friends on the mission. She is from the Philippines and it so diligent. We went to go visit a family in my area who hasn’t been to church in a long time. I had gone to church once before with Sister Towne, but hadn’t been back. We weren’t sure if they’d want us to come back, but once the dad saw Sister Albances and I said how she was from the Philippines, he started asking questions and they let us right in. The dad had served his mission in the Philippines and was excited to talk to her. We had a great visit with them and we just felt wonderful and the spirit while we were around them. Sister Albances was very bold and loving with them, and they responded really well. I love her example of determination in her faith. She has high love and expectations everywhere she goes, and absolutely no fear.

IMG_3595I also really admire my companion, Sister Towne. Everyday we just become better friends. We’re super different in interests, but we have really similar personalities. During lunch we always joke around about the same things both of our families loved to do growing up. We just have so much fun. She’s super humble too. Basically, I am learning from Sister Towne.

Its been so good this week to be surrounded by so many other good examples. And to be able to focus all weekend on the Savior, who was the greatest example of all. I couldn’t be any more grateful for my mission. I love it.

Thanks for all the Christmas wishes!

Sister Miller